Episcopal Bishops Issue A Word to the Church for the World

The House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church held its fall meeting from September 15th-20th in Detroit, Michigan.

The fall meeting included a historic joint session with the House of Deputies focusing on efforts to shift the culture of the Episcopal Church’s denominational staff closer to that of the Jesus Movement.

Daily video accounts from attending bishops are available (catch Bishop Skip presenting on the 19th!).

At the closing of the meeting, the bishops issued the following statement, A Word to the Church for the World. A transcript follows the video.

Our own bishop, Skip Adams, sends greetings from the meeting and says, of the video: “I commend to you a short offering from the Bishops called, “A Word to the Church.” I encourage you to give it wide play and to publicize it in your own faith community context in any way that you decide is appropriate.”

A Word to the Church from the World 
[via The Episcopal Church]

Greetings from Detroit, a city determined to be revived. Greetings also from the city of Flint, where we are reminded that the gift of water has for many of our brothers and sisters become contaminated.

Here we have been exhorted to set our sights beyond ourselves and to minister to the several nations where we serve and the wider world.

We lament the stark joylessness that marks our present time. We decry angry political rhetoric which rages while fissures widen within society along racial, economic, educational, religious, cultural and generational lines. We refuse to look away as poverty, cruelty and war force families to become migrants enduring statelessness and demonization. We renounce the gun violence and drug addiction that steal lives and crush souls while others succumb to fear and cynicism, abandoning any sense of neighborliness.

Yet, in all this, “we do not despair” (2 Cor. 4:8.). We remember that God in Christ entered our earthly neighborhood during a time of political volatility and economic inequality. To this current crisis we bring our faith in Jesus. By God’s grace, we choose to see in this moment an urgent opportunity to follow Jesus into our fractured neighborhoods, the nation and the world.

Every member of the church has been “called for a time such as this.” (Esther 4:14) Let prophets tell the truth in love. Let reconcilers move boldly into places of division and disagreement. Let evangelists inspire us to tell the story of Jesus in new and compelling ways. Let leaders lead with courage and joy.

In the hope of the Resurrection let us all pray for God to work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish God’s purposes on earth.

Writing Committee
Bishop Tom Breidenthal of Southern Ohio
Bishop Mariann Budde of Washington
Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce of Los Angeles
Bishop Victor Scantlebury of Ecuador Central
Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves of El Camino Real
Bishop Alan Gates of Massachusetts
Bishop Wendell Gibbs Jr. of Michigan
Dr. Scott Bader-Saye
Bishop Prince Singh of Rochester
Bishop Robert Wright of Atlanta
Bishop Rob Hirschfield of New Hampshire

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