Watch Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe’s video Christmas message above. A transcript follows:

Dear People of God,

Happy Advent to you. I hope this message finds you enjoying your time with loved ones and preparing for happy events that are coming up.

This past year has been one of change—of significant change in our world. Some of those changes have filled us with hope, and some of those changes have made us question the things we hold dear.

I hope in this time of preparation that we won’t get caught up in our to-do lists. That our buying of presents and wrapping of presents will be a reminder of the significance of the relationships with those we love around us. That we’ll take time for being, rather than just doing. And that we’ll have moments of joy with those we love and hold dear.

In times of change it is even more important that you and I have opportunities to show our love to one another to gather with those that care about us and to celebrate this season of Incarnation and God’s joy.

God loves you and has come to this world to seek you and have relationship with you—and for you to seek God. What an opportunity we have.

So Merry Christmas. And I hope that you have a wonderful time being together.

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  • Virginia W. Nagel

    I am disappointed in the December 15 of the Messenger. It is obviously intended for only the hearing folks in the Diocese. The only things accessible to us deaf folks are the Christmas messages from Bishop Curry and Bishop Dede. Didn’ you ever hear of the Americans With Disabilities Act? I was so pleased with some of the prior issues, captions and everything, but now….c’mon, God loves deafies too.

    • Meredith Sanderson

      Ginger, I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment and glad to have feedback about how the December 15th issue could have been improved. There is always more we can learn to help ensure that our message, and God’s love, are indeed fully accessible to ALL people. I will contact you directly by e-mail to ask for specifics, or you can reply to me here. Thank you for the opportunity!

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