Grant Funding Available for Congregations

Recently, Zion Church in Rome held a “Rome Helping Rome” event, and they did this with the help of a grant from the Diocese of Central New York, called the Five Marks of Mission Block Grant.

As parishes, we often know what we want to do as a congregation to help our communities and the people in need in them, but sometimes finding the funding to accomplish those goals can be a difficult task.  Churches are already running tight budgets, and adding one more thing can sometimes prove difficult, financially, despite our hearts being all in.

That’s where the Diocese and the The Episcopal Church can help! On our website, under “Funding for Ministry” you can find many links and information about grant and other opportunities available.

We’ve highlighted just a few of opportunities available below, and more specific information can be found at

Diocesan Funding

Five Marks of Mission Block Grants:
One year grants, up to $3,000 can be awarded for novel projects, startups and “out of the box” thinking at your church.

Five Marks of Mission Block Grant Requests must focus on one or more of the Marks of Mission:

  • To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.
  • To teach, baptize and nurture new believers.
  • To respond to human need by loving service.
  • To seek to transform unjust structures of society.
  • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York:
For this grant, funds are available for up to $10,000, in addition to loans, for parishes in the Diocese that want to fund projects related to stewardship of property, program development, and community outreach, especially among parishes or institutions with limited financial resources.

Funding from The Episcopal Church & Affiliates

Advisory Council on the Stewardship of Creation Grants:
These grants are available for up to $10,000 for creation care initiatives within Episcopal Churches.
The Episcopal Church website describes this grant below:

At our General Convention in 2015, The Episcopal Church allocated funds to enable local faith-based projects for mitigating climate change and safeguarding the integrity of Creation, naming an Advisory Council for the Stewardship of Creation as the grantmaking body. Grants up to $10,000 will be considered. Projects limited to buildings and grounds and/or capital improvements will not be considered. Projects with these purposes are preferred:

● Find and establish connections between eco- and social justice
● Engage the local community as partners and participants, fostering cooperation between communities of faith, civic, scientific and educational organizations
● Have specific outcomes which create lasting impact
● Enhance faith formation and social understanding
● Serve groups and/or regions that are vulnerable and/or underrepresented in the church
● Encourage intergenerational engagement
● Demonstrate innovation and creativity
● Promote churchwide learning, understanding and practical application

Domestic Poverty Grants:
There are various grants for ministries addressing poverty in the United States. These include  Jubilee Ministry Grants, which are available only to designated Jubilee Centers.

Roanridge Trust Awards:
The Roanridge grants are available for ministries in small towns and rural areas.

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