Auburn Church to host “Battle of the Church Choirs”

Kim Brown has been singing in the church choir at Auburn’s Church of Saints Peter & John since 2007. “We’re small but mighty,” she says, speaking of both the congregation and of the choir, which typically consists of just one or two voices per part. “We are willing to try new things and be innovative.”

Brown was representing her church at Diocesan Convention when the diocesan-wide choir sparked an idea: invite all the church choirs in the Diocese to participate in a friendly competition. The “Battle of the Church Choirs” was born. On May 19th, Sts. Peter & John expects their church and parish hall to be filled with the joyful noise of our diocese’s gospel choirs, praise bands, youth choruses and more. A panel of judges (“They’ll be soft,” says Brown) will award cash prizes to outreach programs chosen by the winning choirs.

“This is about coming together, supporting one another, and singing together,” says Brown. “It’s a way for us to have fun and show how important our outreach programs are.”

Brown envisions the day ending with an all-choir performance, and hopes to open the event up to other denominations, or to put on a tournament with other dioceses, in future years.

Those interested in participating, volunteering, or learning more may contact Kim Brown at [email protected].

When: Saturday, May 19th.
Where: Church of Sts. Peter & John, 169 Genesee Street, Auburn.

image: The diocesan-wide choir at 2017 Diocesan Convention; photo by Sue Cenci. 

Update: Registration for the Battle of the Church Choirs is now open until April 15, 2018.


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