Be the Jesus Movement: Practice the “Way of Love”

In three years as Presiding Bishop, the Most. Rev. Michael Curry has been urging Episcopalians to live as “the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement.” Have you wondered what that means—or how to go about it? In a rousing sermon at the opening Eucharist of the church’s 79th General Convention, Curry offered a concrete guide for a Jesus-centered way of life: the Way of Love.

Seven Practices to Follow Jesus

The Way of Love consists of seven practices that every Episcopalian can adopt:

  • Learn: Reflect daily on scripture, especially on Jesus’ life and teachings.
  • Pray: Dwell intentionally with God each day.
  • Worship: Gather in community weekly to thank, praise and dwell with God.
  • Bless: Share faith and unselfishly give and serve.
  • Go: Cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus.
  • Rest: Receive the gift of God’s grace, peace, and restoration.
  • Turn: Pause, listen and choose to follow Jesus.

The Way of Love is not a new program. Instead it returns to ancient pathways that “open up the soul and spirit,” and brings together and lifts up the treasures of our church and tradition. “We didn’t need to come up with a new program for the church,” said Curry in his sermon, “…we have what we need…This is coming from people in this church. The treasure was ready here.”

Follow the links above to discover some of those treasures now.


Before you act, meditate on Jesus

Firefighters and first responders, says Curry, need to practice their drills and techniques regularly so that they’re ready to save a life when the moment comes. In the same way, Episcopalians can train and prepare for the moment when the Holy Spirit will use us to transform the world, in small ways or big. Our lives will be “loving and sacrifical” and when we act, we’ll be acting for Jesus.

In his sermon, Curry asked every Episcopalian to follow the example of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in meditating on the life and teachings of Jesus before acting. “Before you begin your day, meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus. I am asking you to make that commitment…Before you go over to the water cooler and start whispering something into somebody’s ear, meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus!… When we come in here to worship, meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus. When we go out…meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus.”


Discover the Way of Love

Visit the Way of Love on the Episcopal Church’s website for:

Forma also has an easy-to-print 8×12 Way of Love brochure for your use.


Watch: Sermon at the opening Eucharist of the 79th General Convention


Read a transcript of Curry’s sermon at the opening Eucharist of General Convention.


Watch: Invitation to the Way of Love

  • Rayleen Kie

    Thank you for including the Most Reverend Michael Curry’s address to the convention. It was very moving and inspirational! – Rayleen Kie, Binghamton, NY – Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church

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