Deputies’ Perspective: Grounded in God

Ms. Carol Forrester is a Deputy to the 79th General Convention who lives and worships in the North Country area of our Diocese. She reflects on the Episcopal revival that inspired Episcopalians at General Convention.

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“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.” Those were the words being sung at the an Episcopal revival hosted by the Diocese of Texas, held on the evening of July 7th. It was overwhelming to hear 3,000 Episcopalians singing in unison of their desire to be a part of the Jesus Movement! Presiding Bishop Michael Curry gave a rousing sermon on Love, continuing the message begun at the Royal Wedding. “Jesus wants us to live!” he proclaimed.

There are many who need a fresh vision of life; I dare say that we all do at times. Life is a journey for sure, and the journey requires nourishment and exercise to keep it alive. General Convention is reiterating that God is our strength and our song.

As Christians, we must be grounded in God in order to be able to Love others in our communities. We must engage in spiritual practices personally and corporately. Centering through Prayer, Dwelling in the Word, Listening to each others’ faith stories, and seeking God in creative ways can bring deeper awareness of the direction of the Holy Spirit in both our personal and corporate lives.

Prayer is a big part of Convention. It happens in periods of silence during sessions, in prayer spaces, and during worship each day. It is a both/and perspective. God and Other. We need God to ground our souls and spirit. We need others to enrich and challenge us.

May God continue God’s work in central New York as we engage in the Learning Communities Initiative and other activities. They are tools for us to seek God and be seeds of life to our neighborhoods.

Thanks be to God.

Image above: Sisters with the Society of St. Margaret staff prayer stations at the back of the Palmer Events Center for people seeking prayers following the revival service July 7. Photo: Melodie Woerman/Episcopal News Service

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