“The light of Jesus is always guiding us and always journeying with us.” An Epiphany message from Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe

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“The light of Jesus is always guiding us and always journeying with us.”

Happy New Year, and blessed Epiphany!

Watch above: Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York offers a reflection for Epiphany 2019. A transcript follows, below.

Where do you see the greatest need for the light of Jesus?


Happy New Year!

As this year begins, I wonder what your dream is for this year. What new thing you may be hoping or what thing you may be dreading.

This season of Epiphany in the Christian church is a time when we recognize the magi traveling and journeying to see Jesus, the Christ child. They have sought something for a long time, not quite totally sure what they might find.

You may be on a similar journey. It may be a time of great hope. It may be a time of great suffering or sorrow. Know that in whatever state our life is, the light of Jesus is always guiding us and always journeying with us.

We are called not only to go and to share the love of Jesus, but to be the love of Jesus, in whatever state we might find ourselves. It can be very hard when life is hard to know that God loves you and that this present suffering is but for a moment.

I pray that in Epiphany you will feel the season’s light within you. That you will feel the love of Jesus well up within you. And when you look at the world around you, you’ll find ways–small acts of kindness or large acts of generosity–that will not only fill you with a sense of joy and wonder, but others.

May this be the year, the year we take our faith seriously, the year we take Jesus seriously, knowing that we’re called to share the love of Jesus with other people and that we’re called to share that love by caring for them in how we act and how we pray for them.

You are in my prayers.

May God’s love and light lead you this year and always. May each day be an opportunity to not only see the light of Christ around you, but to be the light of Christ within you.

Blessings of God be with you, this day, and always.

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