An American Lament, via The Repentance Project

The photo above is from An American Lament Devotional, via The Repentance Project

The Listen/Learn group of the Diocesan Racial Justice & Reconciliation Team is creating a list of resources we would like to recommend to you/your parish as we the Diocese of CNY confront the sin of systemic racism.

Many of our parishes watched the film Just Mercy and had discussions as a parish. At this time we invite you to undertake a daily discipline called An American Lament created and made available by The Repentance Project. This devotional consists of a 7 week long program that can be undertaken as an individual or as a parish. Each week you will be presented with prayers, scripture, reflections and discussion questions. Some parishes joined the Repentance Project in June, but you can join in whenever it suits you.

An American Lament is described as “a journey through America’s history of slavery, segregation, and racism.” “The aim of this journey is that through the prayers, reflections, and responses, the Holy Spirit will transform us – individually and collectively – to look more like Christ.”

To gain the greatest benefit, we recommend that you gather weekly (probably virtually) with others who are participating in order to share in a discussion of your progress. We are here to assist you in finding/forming a discussion group. with Zoom, we see an opportunity for discussion groups with members from across the diocese, in addition to parish-based groups.

Please contact Karen Anderson from St. James’ Clinton with any questions or:

  • If you are interested in joining a Zoom discussion group of people throughout the diocese.
  • If you would like to volunteer to facilitate a diocesan-formed discussion group.
  • If your parish decides to form its own discussion group(s), please share your parish facilitator’s contact information.

Visit An American Lament through the Repentance Project website> 

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