Mind the Gaps: church and pandemic schooling

As Christians, we are used to seeing crises happen. We see damaging weather events, and we help. We see a house burn down, and we help. We see a family lose a job, and we help. This time, during the coronavirus pandemic the term “crisis” seems different. It seems larger, more bold. It hits from all angles, affects all things in life, and just feels like the hurt is overwhelming.

As we move into the new school year, we can see that the pandemic is not slowing down, and that our students, teachers, staff, and parents are all affected even more than before.  The educational crisis is real. We all feel the need to help in some way, but figuring out what is the best way can be difficult. What is God calling us to do?

In an effort to address the topics surrounding the educational crisis our communities are facing, the department of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary has put together a webinar titled “Mind the Gaps” to take place on September 1st, as well as a series of office hours for the purpose of discussion and preparation that you can bring back to your parish ministries.

Watch an Introduction to Mind the Gaps: The Church and the Crisis of Pandemic Schooling:

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