Stewardship team offers resources for children

One of the most tangible expressions of our stewardship is the way we model and mentor our children in stewardship of God’s gifts. We hope, with these resources, to support you and your families and parishes with ideas and resources that help our children to learn, in gratitude, to love God, one another and all God’s creation. We pray this resource affirms and encourages children (of all ages!) to grow in gratitude and intentional stewardship practices that create a lifelong relationship and passion for sharing all God’s gifts. We realize you may already have well established and beloved practices in place for including children in the language and practice of stewarding and hope these resources will enrich your traditions with new ideas.

Download the list of children’s stewardship resources>

Please feel free to contact any of the members of the diocesan Stewardship team with your ideas and questions.

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