#VoteFaithfully – How we can all do our part 

“It is a Christian obligation to vote, and more than that, it is the church’s responsibility to help get souls to the polls.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

During the the time of the coronavirus pandemic, it feels as though everything in our lives is changing. How we work, how we school, how we meet with friends, and now, how we vote.  Making sure you are registered to vote is as important as it ever was and we want to help you make sure that you are prepared to do so.

From the Episcopal Church’s #VoteFaithfully toolkit, there are several recommendations on how parishes can assist their parishioners and community members. Some of those include visiting vote.gov, registering with friends, celebrating National Voter Registration Day, engaging youth, and creating voter registration drives. But remember – registering is just the first step. With the uncertainty surrounding how to vote, we must be sure we know our voting options. To find your local polling place, or to find your local elections office to get more information on types of voting, visit usa.gov or vote.org.

In addition to understanding more about registering and voting for ourselves, it is also important that we help others.  The effects of the coronavirus on the availability of poll workers who would normally have staffed the polls in a typical election year are great. If you are interested in helping to fill the roles of those who cannot work the polls this year, or know anyone who is, please visit PowerThePolls.org to find out more about how to become a poll worker.

Visit the website below for additional voting resources:

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