Foundation of the Diocese provides consultation to Trinity, Lowville

Author Henry Wakefield is the President of the Board of the Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York and a member of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Liverpool. 

Representatives of the Board of the Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York visited Trinity Episcopal Church in Lowville in June 2022 to provide consultation on accessibility and live-streaming. Pictured (L-R) are: Charles Crowther, Alex Morales, and Steve Widrick of Trinity Church; Henry Wakefield, President of the Foundation Board; Ms. Ann Moore, and Mr. Charles Moore of the Foundation Board.

The Board of the Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York received a request from Trinity Episcopal Church in Lowville to review two potential projects. Charles Moore and Henry Wakefield from the Foundation Board made arrangements to review the projects. We met with Steve Widrick, Alex Morales, Jill Morales and Charlie Crowther. The first project consisted of moving a bathroom from the basement of the church to the Sanctuary level to help out people who might have trouble navigating the stairs down to the basement. The stairs were not a candidate for incorporating a chair lift as the width and steepness of the stair well would not accommodate a chair lift system easily. The parish also proposed possibly installing a lift or elevator from the sanctuary to the basement. We talked out the pros and cons with them and decided that the lift or elevator was the right way to go for them.

The second project is an update to their live streaming capabilities. We discussed their current setup and then discussed the updates and locations for equipment, what software they may need and the need for an Advanced Feedback Suppression unit to help with the audio issues in the Sanctuary.

Consultations are available from both the Foundation Board and the Diocesan Property Committee concerning any project that a parish may wish to take on. We will consult on the project and help research possible vendors/contractors who can do the work.  The Foundation Board also awards grants for projects and also can provide loans at very reasonable rates. Current loan rates are 2.25% for a 5 year loan, 2.5% for a 10 year loan and 2.75% for a 15 year loan. Interest from the loans is used to provide grant money for parishes to use for property upkeep and programs to support the parish community.

Please contact Henry Wakefield at for more information on consultation services, grants or loans.

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