This page contains resolutions adopted by the 150th Convention of the Diocese of Central New York (2018).

The 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church referred proposed revisions to the Constitution of The Episcopal Church to each diocese, to be read by the Secretary of Convention in each diocese at a Diocesan Convention preceding a final vote by the 80th General Convention. These were read at our 150th Diocesan Convention.

Resolution #1

Subject: Clergy Compensation
Submitted by: The Diocesan Board

Resolved, that each parish consider a minimum cost of living increase of 2.3% for each member of the clergy and be it further

Resolved, that the Guidelines for base cash salary (does not include housing or utilities) be increased by 2.3% plus 1/6th of the cost of living increases recommended for 2014–2017 which had not been previously applied to the ranges:

Type I $36,548–50,435
Type II $42,638–58,840
Type III $ 48,723–67,234
Type IV $55,888–75,651

The Clergy Compensation and Benefits Policy and Handbook which was ratified by Convention 2016 and policies adopted by the Diocesan Board in regards to Sick Leave, Family Leave and Health Insurance is the resource and guide for the Wardens and Vestries of this Diocese when dealing with their clergy and compensation.

Resolution adopted.

Resolution # 2

Subject: The Addition of Mary Emmeline Halsey to the Episcopal Calendar of Saints
Submitted by: The Congregation of Grace Willowdale Episcopal Church (as amended)

Resolved, that the Diocese of Central New York establish a memorial for Mary Emmeline Halsey in the calendar of saints as a local commemoration, honoring her on October 31st and be it further

Resolved, that this, or a similar resolution, be forwarded to the Episcopal General Convention’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music at the appropriate time.

Resolution adopted.

Resolution #3

Subject: The Rev. John D. “Jack” Andersen
Submitted by: Resolutions Committee

Whereas the Rev. John D. “Jack” Andersen has served as Vicar of the Church of St. Lawrence in Alexandria Bay for the past fourteen years; and

Whereas in that capacity he preached sermons that bore “timeless witness to God in Christ revealed in history and everyday life, using images and examples that stir the mind and feed the soul”; and

Whereas his ministry there followed a long career as a church conference center director, in which he served for nineteen years as the director of the Roslyn Center in Richmond, Virginia; and

Whereas with his October 7th retirement as Vicar of the Church of St. Lawrence, he also retired from fifty-five years of ministry to the larger church:

Be it resolved that this 150th Diocesan Convention give its heartfelt thanks for the dedicated ministry of the Rev. Jack Anderson and its warmest wishes for his happiness in his undertaking of retirement, surrounded by his books, writing and working on his family home at Thousand Island Park on the St. Lawrence River.

Resolution adopted.

Resolution # 4

Subject: Greetings to the Rt. Rev. Gladstone “Skip” Adams and Mrs. Bonnie Adams, the Rt. Rev. David Joslin and Mrs. Missy Joslin, and to Bishop John S. Macholz, E.L.C.A.
Submitted by: Resolutions Committee

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention send greetings to Bishop Skip and Bonnie Adams and Bishop David and Missy Joslin with warm appreciation for their many years of active ministry and faithful leadership and with prayers for health, happiness and fulfilling pursuits in retirement;

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention send greetings to the Rev. John S. Macholz of the Upstate New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, our partner in our Call for Common Mission, with heartfelt gratitude for his leadership, friendship and cooperation as we continue to work together as Christ’s Body in the world.

Resolution adopted.

Resolution #5

Subject: Thanks to Exhibit Hall Organizers, Exhibitors, Syracuse Technologies and the Holiday Inn, Liverpool, NY
Submitted by: The Resolution Committee

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention express its thanks to Ms. Ruthie Koerts and Ms. Terri Weir for planning, managing and staffing the Exhibit Hall.

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention express its thanks to all exhibitors and their workers for brightening this Convention and for providing an important means of communication about programs, activities, resources and services that are relevant to our ministries together and in our communities.

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention thank Syracuse Technologies for providing the sights, sound and technology, ensuring that all may see and hear all of the Convention.

Resolved, that this 150th Diocesan Convention express its appreciation to the Holiday Inn, Liverpool, NY, for the hospitality extended to us which has contributed to the efficient performance of our tasks.

Resolution adopted.

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