This page contains Annual Reports to Convention for 2016 from various governing bodies and ministries of the Diocese.

Antiracism Team

Antiracism Team

Submitted by The Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew

The Antiracism Team used its initial budget to purchase required videos and supplies for training sessions.

Diocesan Board (Financial)

Diocesan Board Report (Financial)

Submitted by Ms. Cathy Hobart, Controller

Accruals: Accruals for Lambeth which is held every ten years, Episcopal Youth Event and the Bishop’s sabbatical and General Convention. It has been more than 10 years since the last Lambeth Conference was held. The Next Bishop Search funds previously accrued will be consumed in 2015 and 2016 as the Diocese transitions to a new Bishop with the retirement of Bishop Adams in 2016. The funds previously accrued for Sabbatical will be partially consumed in 2016 when Bishop Adams takes his sabbatical. Episcopal Youth Event occurs every three years. The last event was in 2014 and the next one will be in 2017. General Convention occurs every three years. The last General Convention was in 2015 in Utah. The next General Convention will be in 2018. A contingent of delegates (10 people) plus the Triennial representatives (3 or 4 people) and the Bishop attend.

Closed Parish properties: Costs of maintaining several closed parish properties – St. Thomas’, North Syracuse, Christ Church, Wellsburg, Christ Church, Sackets Harbor, St. John’s, Elmira Heights, All Saints’, Utica, All properties have been or will be listed for sale. The properties are vacant at this time.

Pass Through Expenses: Pass through funds from Bishop’s Visitations, annual solicitation for Contributor’s Fund and payment from Church Insurance for Risk Management Program. Funds expended come from outside sources.

Block Grants: 3 Block Grants were awarded in 2015: Grace, Syracuse $3,000 – jail ministry discretionary funds, St. Matthew’s, Liverpool $3,000 – Sunday supper program, Cornell Chapel, Ithaca $4,135 – Thursday night choral compline (funded from restricted funds). The budget was $7,500.00.

MDG’s: Six matching grants were made in 2015 for a total of $8,110.00 to four parishes: St. James’, Skaneateles, Grace, Utica, St. James’, Clinton (2 grants), St. John’s, Oneida and St. Thomas’ Hamilton. The grants are awarded by the Global Mission Committee.

Episcopal Church Assessment: National Church Assessment based on 16.5% of the 2015 Diocesan income from the annual Diocesan report, net of an $150,000 exclusion for having a Bishop. The assessment funds the budget of The Episcopal Church, which was adopted by General Convention in July 2015. The Budget for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018 is $125,012,351. Funding policy for the period is adopted based on a single asking of the dioceses. After a $150,000 exemption from total income, a single asking shall be applied as follows: 2016 – 18%, 2017 – 16.5% and 2018 – 15% of the balance of income to the diocese, reported in the diocesan financial statements for the year two years prior to the year in which the pledge is applied.

Global Missions: During 2015, $1,320 was spent to send 1 representative to the annual Global Missions Network Conference.

Parish Mission Commitments: Parish Mission Commitments is the payment of earnings from endowments restricted for those specified parishes. During 2015, payments were made quarterly to 35 parishes for a total of $ 94,851. There is also a restricted fund that the proceeds are distributed between two parishes and a cemetery at the donor’s request included in the above numbers. The funds are all held in UIF – Long Term Fund.

Retiree Benefits: Health insurance and life insurance costs for lay retirees from Diocesan staff. Also, health insurance costs for retired clergy spouses under age 65. These costs are paid in full by the covered individual. Actuarial study of retiree benefits required for annual audit. Once a year lunch gathering for retired clergy. Cost for this lunch is fully covered by restricted endowment.

Seminarian Scholarships: COM Ordination for Ministry Team awards scholarships. In 2015, a scholarship totaling $6,015 was given to one student at General Theological Seminary.

Bishop Search (Standing Committee): The process of searching for the 11th Bishop began in 2015. $9,575 was spent for expenses of the Search Committee and work with a consultant. Funds previously budgeted for accruals for Next Bishop Search and Sabbatical in 2015 were used towards these costs.

Stewardship: In 2015 and 2016, Diocesan access to the Annual Stewardship (TENS) webcast was $150.00; and annual diocesan membership (allowing every parish access to TENS support) was $1,000.00.

Thornfield Property: This property was sold in August 2015 for $1,200,000. Net proceeds received from the sale after fees was $1,122,628. During 2015, $7,676 was spent in upkeep of the property, costs for moving the Memorial Garden and the sale.

Unincorporated Parish Properties: Property maintenance and insurance expenses related to several unincorporated properties including Paris Hill. Paris Hill expenses are covered by restricted endowment funds.

UTO: A grant to the national UTO was made from the balance of the restricted endowment earnings for the year of $5,473.

Ministry Support: This budget included lay employee compensation and benefits. Also, the costs of maintaining and operating the Diocesan offices, including rent, supplies, equipment, phone and internet, insurance, meeting expenses, postage, travel and training for staff, dues and fees, uncollectible assessments, depreciation, professional services, audit, legal, and audit scholarship.

In April 2015, the Director of Formation left the full-time position. She returned to part-time work in the same positon for June 2015 through December.

In October 2015, the Diocesan Board hired a part-time (13 hours/month) Youth Ministry Coordinator.

In August 2015, the Diocesan Board hired a part-time (20 hours/week) Communications Specialist to create and execute a comprehensive communications plan for the diocese. The Communications Specialist oversees all diocesan communications, including social media, e-mail marketing, the diocesan website, print publications, and national and local press relations. In June 2016, the Diocesan Board temporarily increased the Communications Specialist’s hours to 30/week so that she could support the Transition Committee and Standing Committee in all communications related to the election and on-boarding of the eleventh Bishop of Central New York.

Significant accomplishments include (through June 2016):

  • Design and launch (expected Summer 2016) of redesigned, fully mobile-responsive diocesan website.
  • Significant reach and engagement on social media and through e-mail marketing
  • Customized consultation and support offered to ministries and parishes of the Diocese
  • Communications workshops offered to clergy and lay leaders at Diocesan Convention, P.E.A.C.E., and Epiphany Clericus

Significant expenses generated in 2015 and 2016 include:

  • Design and launch of new diocesan website
  • Small projects outsourced to vendors (graphic design, video editing)
  • Professional development (Episcopal Communicators Conference & dues)
  • Mileage reimbursement to Communications Specialist
Continuing Education of Clergy

COM: Continuing Education of Clergy Report

Submitted by The Rev. Clark West

Since our last convention in 2015, the following events have been held:

Epiphany Clericus: The Epiphany Clericus was held at Christ the King Retreat Center on Tuesday January 5 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Our presenter was Ms. Meredith Kadet Sanderson, our Diocesan Communication Specialist. The title of her presentation was: Communications: Proclaiming the Good News. Bishop Adams preached and celebrated the Eucharist for our gathering. Over forty members of the diocesan clergy were in attendance.
Feedback received from the event was positive. A number of respondents indicated that they would appreciate a follow event, perhaps with a more hands-on guided session on setting up church websites that can be maintained by lay volunteer or staff members with minimal technical knowledge.

Holy Week Quiet Day: Preaching the Triduum with Bishop Adams
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at Christ the King Retreat House
Bishop Skip led us using the themes of Holy Week to guide us in our meditations. We received and update from Carrie Schofield-Broadbent on the Bishop’s Search, and celebrated the Eucharist with Renewal of Ordination Vows and blessing of oils. The day concluded with lunch.

Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry

Submitted by The Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew

The funds received by the Commission on Ministry in 2015 and 2016 were used primarily for Professional fees associated with discernment and ordination processes, including psychological evaluations, background checks, and General Ordination Examinations. A modest amount covered the expenses of a gathering for Discernment Center Teams.

Companion Diocese Committee

Companion Diocese Committee

Submitted by Dr. Charles Stewart

This diocesan committee continues to learn about, live, work and pray with our sisters and brothers in El Salvador, and most especially among the members of Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de El Salvador (IAES). Hundreds of the parishioners in IAES have met some of the pilgrims from Central New York. In addition to the Mission of Miracles, more than eighty-five persons have experienced life in the churches, in the countryside, and in the street of El Salvador in the past eleven years – some several times. Likewise, Central New York has received returning missionaries and Salvadoran clergy in close to a dozen parishes and at our convention. The message of changed lives is carried to our parishes by returning parish members, by sermons, and through Facebook and Twitter.
All are invited to be part of the ministry. We encourage all persons and parishes, most importantly, to pray the Prayer Cycle for the Companion Diocese, published on the Diocesan web site, on Facebook and in brochures available at convention. Those who are able are invited to join a pilgrimage or mission trip. The gospel is spread by serving the poor and marginalized, but more so by openly demonstrating the need and offering opportunities. All ages and abilities can participate, bless and be blessed.

147th Diocesan Convention (2015)

Diocesan Convention 2015 Annual Report

Submitted by Ms. Judy Fried, Secretary of Convention

Our Diocesan Canons state, “there shall be an annual Convention of the Church in the Diocese of CNY” Article I. The purpose of Convention is to elect members of the committees of the Diocese, approve the budget, receive reports from the Bishop, the Treasurer, special committees, and to hear and vote on resolutions. Convention is a 2 day meeting held in November. In addition to this meeting, the Secretary of Convention oversees the filing of the Parochial Reports for parishes of the Diocese, certifies Lay Delegates, calls for reports from the committees/commissions/ministries of the Diocese/, plans for the Convention registrations, budget hearings, and speakers and events to happen at Convention.

The 2015 Convention theme was “To Everything A Season”. The 147th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Central New York was held on November 13 & 14 at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. There were representatives from 75 parishes and included 150 lay representatives and delegates, 11 youth delegates, and 76 clergy, and 26 Alternate Delegates.

The required business of Convention included the certification of Lay Delegates, introduction of clergy new to the Diocese, election of members to the Diocesan Board, Standing Committee, Disciplinary Board members, and other Committees of the Diocese. The budget was presented and voted on. Convention delegates considered thirteen resolutions – each was debated and voted on. Convention remembered in Memorial parish leaders who have died since last Convention as well as the following clergy: the Rt. Rev. David C. Bowman, The Rt. Rev. O’Kelley Whitaker, The Rev. Marjory Chamberlin, The Rev. Robert Deacon, The Rev. Ralph Locke, and the Rev. W. Kilmer Sites. Bishop Adams gave his annual address and presided over the Convention Eucharist and the Rev. Dr. Renée Tembeckjian assisted in the preparation of the service. Mr. James Comet played the organ and Mr. Ron Hebert served as the choirmaster for a choir of volunteer singers from parishes throughout the Diocese. The Rt. Revd. Juan David Alvarado, Diocesan Bishop of El Salvador was with us during Convention. The Rev. Dr. Renée Tembeckjian, Director of Formation, reported on activities of the Compass Institute and also noted special anniversaries of parishes in the Diocese: St. Matthew’s in Liverpool celebrated their 75th year anniversary; St. George’s in Chadwicks celebrated their 125th Anniversary; St. Mark’s in Port Leyden celebrated their 150 year anniversary; Grace Church, Elmira, celebrated their 150 year anniversary; and Christ Church in Jordan, celebrated their 175 year anniversary.

The Eucharist offering of $4165.33 was designated to Episcopal Relief and Development fund for the Syrian refugee relief. Ruthie Koerts and Terri Wier coordinated the Exhibit Hall with 20 different exhibitors.

In addition to the days of Convention, there is a lot of work, pre-planning and, required Canonical reports to be filed. Parochial Reports for each parish were due on May 1st.

Lay Delegate certificates, as required, were mailed out by the Secretary of Convention and returned by the May 30th deadline. There were a potential of 88 parishes/chapels/mission who were entitled to have representation at Convention. All parishes were current with payments to the Church Pension Fund payments. No parishes were in arrears of their mandatory portion of the Diocesan Mission apportionment, thus all parishes were not eligible to have representation. Nine parishes/chapels were unrepresented by choice. Thus, there were 79 parishes represented at Convention. Journals of the minutes of Convention were prepared and distributed to Lay Delegates and Clergy.

There were countless hours of work by a many people that made Convention a success. Diocesan Staff were involved in mailings of registration materials and working with committees that had responsibilities at Convention. Staff and volunteers worked to coordinate exhibits, recruit nominations for open offices, prepare the liturgy and music, plan for youth events, review and recommend changes to Constitution and Canons, resolutions, budgets and finance, make arrangements with hotel for meals and lodging, copy material, enter registrations, and manual labor to transport equipment to the hotel for the meeting. In addition, there were many individuals who had responsibility for their part in the arrangements on the day of Convention and the required events that happened before the day of Convention.

Prior to Convention there were regional meetings to discuss the proposed budget and the resolutions to be voted on at All Saints’ in Johnson City, Grace Church in Syracuse, and Trinity Church in Watertown.

Discernment for Ministry

Discernment for Ministry

Submitted by The Rev. Toppie Bates, Chair and Team of 1

It was determined by the COM early on that this position mainly being a communication role is better served by one person. It therefore is the sole responsibility of this Chair to keep track of people making their initial inquiry as to what the Diocese of CNY expects of one seeking discernment to lay or ordained ministry. In their first conversation they share briefly their history and sense of call. Four suggestions are then given them: Read Listening Hearts, establish a relationship with a licensed Spiritual Director other than personal clergy, keep a journal regularly, and if possible, with Rector’s guidance establish a parish prayer group for guidance and support.

After a suggested six to eight months, the person returns to hear about the Diocesan Discernment Teams and chooses one to begin a formal discernment experience.

At the conclusion of their work, the Discernment Team will write a letter to the Bishop’s Office sharing their consensus of the experience with the discerner.

This past year we have experienced a continuing interest in pursuing discernment.

Presently we have 11 at various stages of the initial discernment process plus one with an appointment to begin. Three are engaged with a Discernment Team. Four have moved from Discernment for Ministry to Ordination for Ministry.

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Submitted by Ms. Peg Coleman

Under Mark 1 of the Five Marks of Ministry (Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom), $5,000 was allocated in the 2015/2016 DCNY budget to cover the annual cost of maintaining the full service contract as a sponsoring diocese for the Education for Ministry (EfM) distance learning program for adult formation through The School of Theology Program Center (SOTPC), The University of the South, Sewanee, TN.

The $2,500 annual fee was paid to SOTPC in semiannual installments of $1,250 this year and each previous year since initiation of the contract with DCNY as early as 1987.

Bishop Skip approved additional support from DCNY ($175) in 2016 to cover a share of training costs for two mentors who also contributed individually and through their parish.

Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN)

Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN)

Submitted by Ms. Deborah Nettle, Diocesan Liaison

The Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN) continues to function as a means of helping people in the diocese who have a sudden, unexpected and urgent financial need. These people may or may not be Episcopalians. The majority of urgent needs are to those who have lost jobs but need to keep up with their mortgage/rent payments, utility payments, medical expenses, and so forth. With a few unsolicited contributions from dedicated individuals, we have been able to keep up with the demand. Donations are always welcome. Total grants given in 2015: $9,990.00.

Members: Mr. Bill Branson, The Rev. Hal Avery, Ms. Mary Bradly, and Mr. Jim Miller

Support Staff: Mrs. Beverly Bolton and Ms. Debbie Nettle

Please go to the Diocesan website at, under Ministry, to find out more about EFHN or by calling the Diocesan office at (315) 474-6596 and speak to Debbie Nettle.

Mission of Miracles

Mission of Miracles, medical outreach program to El Salvador

Submitted by Trish Kinneally

The Mission of Miracles (MoM) program is extremely grateful for funds received from the Diocesan budget. The funds are used toward operating costs including a stipend for a local dentist, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals to supplement the Episcopal Relief & Development health program of the diocese of El Salvador.

In February 2016, the Mission of Miracles program completed its 13th mission in El Salvador! A team of nearly 50 people from Central New York and El Salvador (28 from Central New York) served over 1,000 villagers.

Parish Executive Administrator's Communication Exchange

Parish Executive Administrator’s Communication Exchange (P.E.A.C.E.)

Submitted by Ms. Kathleen McDaniel

This is a gathering of parish office managers/administrative assistants for the purpose of sharing information, education regarding Diocesan policies, programs, etc. and collegial support.

Expenses for 2015 were:
Food from Wegmans $ 72.17
Lunch 287.57
Materials 646.50

Training and Resources

Training and Resources Ministry Team

Submitted by The Rev. Kathy Corley, Team Leader

Team Members:
The Rev. Kathy Corley, Team Leader
Ms. Ruthie Koerts
Ms. Hope VanScoy
Mr. Richard VanScoy
Ms. Terri Weir
Ms. Kathy Dengler, Bishop’s Liaison to the Team

Since our last report to Convention, the Training and Resources Team of the Commission on Ministry has presented the JumpStart! program and Worship Leader Training. The Team continues to work on training opportunities for Vestries and Licensed Ministry Leaders.

At the Holiday Inn in Liverpool

This event, led by Julia Groom, President of the Building Fund, challenged us to look at our congregations, face our fears about our finances and our futures, and think outside the box of our Sunday Morning services. We discussed ways to reach out to our communities, redefine our mission, and rethink the use of our buildings. The speakers were exciting and the discussions (we hope) will be fruitful.

Worship Leader Training
At St. David’s, Dewitt

The purpose of this training is to educate and encourage Worship Leaders to create and lead vibrant non-Eucharistic worship. The training was led by The Rev. Kathlyn Schofield.

Lay Preaching Program

The Lay Preaching Program is now in its third year in the Diocese of Central New York. Coordinated by The Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, the students meet for two years: four times a year with weekly homework and assignments between each class. There are seven current students and we hope for five new students in 2017.

We’re grateful for the students in the program who are steadfast in their work of becoming good preachers. We are also grateful for the clergy who serve as their mentors and those who join to offer ‘Master Classes.’ And we give thanks to Bishop Adams for allowing the ministry to grow and develop in our diocese.

Transition Consultants

Transition Consultants

Submitted by The Rev. Holly Eden

The type of ministry; our ministry is to serve as consultants for parishes. Our consultants are trained and certified nationally and available to parishes in the Diocese who are undergoing transitions. Many people and parishes think in terms of the departure of a clergy and the work to be done prior to the calling of a new clergy but there are other opportunities to assist parishes as well. We have worked in situations of conflict, coming to terms with past parish history and challenges, and helping parishes to review their goals and mission. We serve under the direction of the Bishop and with great assistance from Judy Fried, the Diocesan Deployment officer. All of our consultants are currently working with parishes. Please note that we may have two parishes that might need scholarship resources yet in 2016. We never know how many parishes will need our services or when.

Transition Ministry

Transition Ministry

Submitted by Ms. Judy Fried

The “office” of Transition Ministry/Deployment is a resource for parishes, clergy, and vestries in the Diocese who are in a transition. Transition in a parish can occur when a rector/priest makes a decision to retire or leaves a parish to accept a new call. Transition Ministry involves working with wardens and vestries when there is no priest-in-charge of the parish as they begin the process of evaluation of their parish ministries and structures and then discerns the kind of ministry the parish will be involved in for their future. Transition Ministry involves working with clergy who are discerning their call in ministry and how to work through a search process. Transition Ministry involves working with a Search Committee to guide them through the process of calling a new rector/priest-in-charge/parish priest.

The Diocese of Central New York is a member of the Transition Ministry Conference and we participate in Conferences held twice a year with members from 43 other Diocese in the Episcopal Church. Each year, there are two conferences; one was held at The Duncan Center in Delray Beach, Florida and the other was held at the Diocese of Virginia’s conference center in Richmond. These conferences are a gathering of representatives from 43 bishop’s offices in Dioceses in The Episcopal Church. We share names of clergy looking for new calls and parishes looking for new clergy. In addition, we share “best practices” and have discussions about the process and procedures used in the Transition Process.

The work also involves working with clergy in the Diocese who were discerning a new call to ministry. I am available to work with clergy to assisting with how to prepare their Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio, which is posted on a website thru the Episcopal Church.

A part of the role of the Diocesan Transition Minister/Deployment Officer, includes working with the Transition Ministry Consultant group of the Diocese. Transition Ministry Consultants are trained interim clergy who will work with a parish that is experiencing transitions – working with a parish that does not have a priest and helping to guide them in discerning the next steps in their ministry goals and/or calling a new priest.

The Diocesan Transition/Deployment Officer is also the Bishop’s representative to the Ministry Support Committee and serves to provide information as they review and make policies that govern Clergy Compensation and implementation of benefits for lay employees of parishes.

My work also includes working to coordinate the DAYSPRING group (formerly known as Fresh Start Program) of the Diocese. DAYSPRING is a program for clergy in new positions who are “in charge” of parishes. DAYSPRING is led by two priests of the Diocese: the Rev. Georgina Hegney and the Rev. Adrian Amaya. The DAYSPRING group meets once each year with Bishop Adams – this meeting includes a lunch.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Submitted by The Rev. Lisa Busby

Diocesan funding for youth ministry is used to fund three youth retreat programs – Vocare, Happening, and New Beginnings. In 2016, there was no Vocare event held due to lack of interest. In 2015, the Happening Retreat program had to cancel one of its two events, due to inadequate enrollment. However, the spring 2016 Happening event had more than 35 participants. In 2015, New Beginnings began meeting in sponsoring parishes to help to defray the cost of events. In the Spring 2016 New Beginnings event, 31 participants and 12 team members were in attendance.

During this past year, diocesan funding was used for social events, including the youth picnic that was well attended (about 40 youth) and, a winter skating event (23 youth attended). In 2015, formational activities included an online Advent study/discussion group that focused on mission and outreach. A small group of diocesan youth (weekly average of 3-4 youth in attendance) participated in this group. This pilot program was designed to bring diocesan youth together in an online meeting room to overcome barriers due to transportation, etc.

In addition, we set aside money each year to help fund EYE (Episcopal Youth Event). This is an international youth event that occurs once every three years.

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