Join Roger Speer, freelance illustrator, art educator, and minister for eight sessions of artistic exploration inspired by your life and the events of Holy Week.

Daily (beginning Palm Sunday, March 28th) you’ll receive an email with a video lesson that guides you through the process of developing your unique artistic expression, responding to scripture and our diocesan Rule of Life, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement.

Each evening at 7:00 p.m. (beginning Monday, March 29th) join Roger and others in a Zoom chat to share your art and your experience.

Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York and the Church of the Good Shepherd (Augusta, GA), this weeklong experience is free to you.

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You’ll receive your first email on the morning of Palm Sunday. Each email will contain a video with scripture, reflection, tools, and exercises to move you through your journey to the empty tomb. You’ll also have the opportunity to join a Zoom call every evening (beginning Monday, March 29th) to support and critique each other’s work.

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Day 1/ Palm Sunday to Holy Monday: Mary anoints Jesus

Rule of Life: Pray
Design Step: Visioning an artwork

Day 2/ Monday to Tuesday: Jesus predicts his death

Rule of Life: Listen
Design Step: Gesture drawing & structure

Day 3/ Tuesday to Wednesday, March 31st: Judas leaves to betray Jesus

Rule of Life: Connect
Design Step: Color harmony

Day 4/ Maundy Thursday, April 1st: Jesus washes their feet

Rule of Life: Speak
Design Step: Base colors, contours, shades

Day 5/ Good Friday, April 2nd: The Passion of Christ

Rule of Life: Share
Design Step: Inspiring emotion

Day 6/ Holy Saturday, April 3rd: Jesus is buried

Rule of Life: Respond
Design Step: Adding intricacy & depth

Day 7/ Easter Sunday, April 4th: Christ has risen

Rule of Life: A world healed by love
Design Step: Review, finished but not

Day 8/ Easter Monday, April 5th: The guards’ report

Rule of Life: Learning to love God, one another, and all God’s creation
Design Step: Final critique and art show

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