During the open enrollment period near the end of each calendar year, current clergy and lay employees may make changes to their health and dental insurance plans. In 2017, open enrollment periods are:

  • Active employees: October 23rd through November 10th.
  • Retirees: October 13th through December 7th.
  • Retirees under age 65: November 8th through November 22nd.

Current Members

You will receive a letter from the Medical Trust approximately one week before Open Enrollment begins. This letter will have information regarding when and how to access the Open Enrollment website. Even if you do not want to make changes to your health plan, it is important for you to log in to the Medical Trust Open Enrollment website to check that your personal information—such as Social Security numbers—is correct for yourself and your dependents. You can submit any corrections through the online system and/or by notifying Cathy Hobart in the diocesan office.

Open enrollment is the time to:

  1. Change your plan selection for 2018, if you wish. Your current insurance coverage will remain the same in 2018 unless you change it!
  2. Add eligible non-participating dependents to your plan or remove participating dependents from your plan without the need to demonstrate a qualifying event.

Important Note: You will use the same user name and password you created to access your benefits information in MyCPG Accounts to access the enrollment web page. If you have not already created an account on MyCPG Accounts, please do so before Open Enrollment begins. (Note: You will need your Client ID number to create an account.) For assistance, contact the CPG Client Services Team at 1 (800) 480-9967 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST (excluding holidays)), or e-mail [email protected].

Not a Member and Want to Enroll?

If you are not currently participating in a Medical Trust plan and would like to enroll, please review the plan options, visit the Church Pension Group website to explore the plans and benefits, and download the  Medical/Dental Enrollment Form. You will not receive a letter from the Medical Trust, so please contact Cathy Hobart to ask any questions.

Plan Options

The Diocese of Central New York has not made any changes to our health and dental plan options for 2018.

Turning 65 in 2018?

If you will reach age 65 in 2018, there is another health plan option for which you may be eligible.

Please note that you may not contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) after you reach 65. The contribution the diocese/parish makes into your HSA for the year should be pro-rated.

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