Lay Preaching Program

What is a Lay Preacher?

Our two-year diocesan Lay Preaching Program prepares lay preachers to proclaim the Gospel effectively and faithfully, preaching biblically-based sermons rooted in real-life experiences. The program combines independent study, group classes, one-on-one mentoring, and training by diocesan clergy. All licensed lay preachers are approved by the bishop. Many are also experienced, licensed Worship Leaders, able to lead Morning Prayer or other services when clergy are not present.

By inviting a lay preacher to preach at one of your congregation’s upcoming worship services, you’ll be offering your congregation a fresh voice with an authentic, resonant perspective on the Gospel. A lay preacher is also a great option any time that clergy cannot be present to preach.

Become a Lay Preacher

Lay Preaching Program students commit to a two-year course of study. Classes meet four times a year for theological reflection, practical exercises, and a master preaching class. The curriculum includes training in biblical exegesis, sermon preparation and public speaking.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2021-2023 program. Applications are due August 4, 2021. Questions may be directed to the Rev. John Rohde.

Bring a Lay Preacher to Your Parish

A list of lay preachers is available in the Supply Clergy and Lay Preacher Roster. Most lay preachers are also licensed worship leaders. We recommend reaching out at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements for your upcoming worship service.

Compensation: Parishes should reimburse any lay preacher for mileage at the current non-charitable IRS rate (see IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rates (2022)). In addition, it is acceptable, but not required, for a parish to offer an honorarium of up to $100.


Individuals who have completed all Lay Preaching Program course requirements, and who have completed Safe Church Training within the past five years, may apply to the Bishop for a Lay Preaching License. Please complete the License Request form online.

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