The Parochial Report gives insight into the life, ministry, finances, and membership of the worldwide Episcopal Church. Your parish’s part of this story is essential, and we thank you for investing your time and attention in this work.

Congregations must complete a Parochial Report to be eligible to vote in the annual Diocesan Convention. 

2020 Parochial Report

Like all things “2020,” the 2020 Parochial Report will be different. Please review the following information carefully.

Online filing: You will complete your Parochial Report online at (same as in prior years). You’ll use the same login (email address) and password that you used to file the 2019 Parochial Report. If you did not file online last year and need help accessing the filing website, please contact Kathy Dengler in the diocesan office ([email protected]).

Deadline: The filing deadline is March 1, 2021. The online filing site ( will open on January 2, 2020.

Instructions: Downloadable Parochial Report forms and instructions, and a video tutorial, are available at:

  • Counting Service Numbers for worship: 
    • Count the number of attendees at services from January 1, 2020 to March 1, 2020. After March 1, please record only the number of services held, not the number of attendees.
    • On Lines 10-12 where you report numbers of Eucharists, the distinction between online vs. in-person is about whether or not there were people present in the congregation. If you have a worship service that has a congregation in the building and is live-streamed, please only count that as in-person. If you have a Eucharist where only the worship leaders are present in the building, and the congregation is gathered online, please count that as online. Here are some examples:
      • Two worship leaders and a congregation of three is in-person worship.
      • Ten worship leaders, but no one sitting in the pews or present only as a congregant is online worship.
    • Counting service numbers in 2021: The General Convention Office has issued guidance for counting attendance at online services beginning January 1, 20201. Please view that guidance here:
  • Income from PPP loans:
    • If your parish received a PPP loan in 2020 and it was converted to a grant (forgiven), please include that amount with your income in Line 5 and in Line 22.
    • If your parish received a PPP loan in 2020 and it is still a loan (not forgiven), please report it in Line 22 only on the Continuing Stewardship and Financial Information of the Reporting Congregation page.

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