Canon for Formation and Mission


Empowers discipleship in the Diocese of Central New York, connecting and equipping God’s beloved people as we continue to live into our rule of life and our mission of learning to love God, one another, and all God’s creation, seeking a world healed by love


Working in partnership with the Bishop, the Canon for Formation and Mission assists the diocesan community in effectively making our Rule of Life, Mission Statement and Vision Statement a reality by:

  • Collaboratively developing formation opportunities for people of the Diocese to deepen their faith and dedication to the Gospel, and to actively live their faith, grounded in the Baptismal Covenant. 
  • Connecting formed/forming disciples and communities with ministry opportunities in the Diocese. 
  • Bringing people, ministries, regions, congregations, and civic agencies together for generative collaborations. Examples of existing ministries that this Canon would support and connect include: Creation Care Initiative, Antiracism team, ministry with refugees and New Americans,  ministry with LGBTQ+, and more. 
  • Expanding our ideas of ministry beyond what is and what has been to what can be. Examples of ministries we would like to develop include: deeper relationships with First Americans, youth and young adult ministries and developing college chaplaincy support, rural ministries, ministry with the incarcerated, and more. 

A successful candidate will:

  • be an energetic person of grounded faith, prayer and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Way of Love
  • be someone who is actively “doing their work” in terms of their own personal, spiritual, and social growth and development
  • possess the ability to listen deeply with a desire to hear and understand
  • be a collaborative leader who also possesses the ability to make hard decisions
  • understand how to cultivate safety and courage within a diocesan community
  • value transparency, curiosity, learning, accountability, and compassion
  • cultivate joy, hope, and honest relationships
  • be a natural encourager 
  • demonstrate excellent administrative and organizational abilities
  • have experience moving a project from an idea/dream into the reality of a sustainable ministry
  • enjoy being part of a collaborative, mutually accountable team
  • have wisdom and experience to share in dismantling racism
  • be energized by working with diverse populations in collaborative ways

Please follow this link to learn more about CNY’s Way of Love: Following Jesus Together:


To apply, please send resume/CV, letter of interest and OTM profile to the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent at [email protected]

Preference will be given to applications received before January 1, 2022.

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