Your pet blesses you every day.
Bring her for a St. Francis Day blessing!

Find a pet blessing near you in Central New York

St. Francis Day is Thursday, October 4th. In late September and early October, Episcopal churches throughout Central New York celebrate the patron saint of animals by blessing pets and animal companions, and holding special services to celebrate our special relationships with God’s furry, winged, and creepy-crawly creatures.

Use the map below to find a stand-alone Pet Blessing or a special worship service with a pet blessing at an Episcopal Church near you.

Not finding what you’re looking for? More local churches are listed here–call ahead or visit their websites for service times.

Blessings go both ways.
Planning Your Visit
  • Children are welcome. This is a fun way to introduce your child to church!
  • All species are welcome, even stuffed animals. Please make sure your pet will be safe, contained and comfortable when you visit. Use a leash, carrier or crate as appropriate.
  • If you can’t transport your pet or are grieving the loss of a special pet, consider bringing a picture or other token.
  • All God’s creatures love to sing–a little extra noise on St. Francis Day is okay with us!
Map of Animal Blessing Events

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