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COVID-19 Response

Beginning Saturday, June 19, 2021, each parish will have local discretion to establish COVID-19 response guidelines within the restrictions established by New York State and in line with recommendations from the CDC. The protection of the most vulnerable and connection with those unable to attend worship and church activities remain our priority.

Speak Faith

A year to explore our faith together, and get courageous sharing it.

News & Updates

  • Mind Tricks

    This month's reflection from the Stewardship Resources team: When it comes to holding corporate polluters accountable, don't be distracted by "mind tricks."
  • Rest and "tend with care the blessing that God has given us:" A video message from Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe

    "I pray that you will join me in resting, in tending to our souls. Not purely for the purpose of self-indulgence, but rather to tend to our own souls so that when God calls us we will be ready to respond."
  • Green Corner: Paying the Bill

    In this month's Green Corner, Kip Coerper suggests ways we can pay the collective "bill" of the environmental consequences of decades fo human consumption and waste.
  • Cortland Church seeks diverse representation

    Grace and Holy Spirit Church in Cortland started a journey to learn about the past and provide a foundation for change. Beginning the month of June, we started putting up portraits of great and holy heroes of diverse ethnic back-grounds. Why? The world is not all white like our church windows. The world is a mosaic consisting of many people who have made numerous contributions to make this world better place. Our first portrait was of Martin Luther King. Over the next year and a half, we will have many other images displayed, including Handsome Lake of the Seneca tribe, Mahatma Ghandi, and many more portraits on the walls.
  • Creation Care: The Piping Plover

    Along the sand-drifted shores and dunes of the eastern crescent of Lake Ontario lies a small body of water which through dredging outflows into Lake Ontario named Sandy Pond. It is aptly named. The freezing and thawing of the winter weather draw the shore sands into the flow from the mouth of the channel which was created through dredging in order to allow access by motorized boats into the pond from Lake Ontario and access from the pond into Lake Ontario. Through the natural order, over centuries, this region has been and still remains a critical breeding habitat of plovers, especially the species known as piping plovers.

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