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In line with CDC Guidance, masks are required for all individuals at indoor gatherings. We prioritize protecting the vulnerable and connecting with the lonely and isolated.

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  • Abundance and Scarcity

    How can somebody living at the very edge of survival think of the little she has as not only enough, but perhaps as living in abundance? For many of us, living in comfortable housing, enjoying food brought to our tables from distant parts of the world, for whom clothing has become a consumable, transportation is comfortable, health care is available, the notion of “it’s enough” is still hard to come by. We act, if we are honest with ourselves, out of a perspective of scarcity: it’s never enough, there’s always a drive for more.
  • Green Corner: Caring for God's Creation—You're Invited!

    Why should any of us care about the changing climate? What is the imperative that people of faith have to make a difference with our actions? What actions can we take to clean up the environment, use less energy, and care about our brothers and sisters in disadvantaged neighborhoods, where disproportionate negative environmental consequences affect their quality of life? For answers to these questions, please consider joining the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York for three presentations on "Caring for God's Creation." The series is offered on Tuesday nights at 6:30 p.m. starting September 28th. You can register at
  • A message from Bishop Duncan-Probe on the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001

    "In this time of so much division between us, when political parties and platforms and opinions have separated us and isolated us from family members and loved ones, perhaps the events of September 11, 2001 can embolden us to embrace more closely our own faith, our own belief in Jesus Christ as Resurrection and Life."
  • Creation Care: Bitcoin mining means hot water for Seneca Lake

    Central New York is place of abundant water in the forms of rivers and lakes of many sizes... Flowing water provided energy to turn mill stones, and when the power plants of the mid-twentieth century were also built on our freshwater lakes, it seemed a natural progression. Now in the twenty-first century, many of those plants have been decommissioned or shuttered. Some have been rediscovered and repurposed. This might seem like progress, but looking closer, we might want to step back and say, “not so fast.”
  • Transition Ministry Updates (Summer 2021)

    Clergy calls and transitions in the Diocese in the spring and summer of 2021.

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