Governance & Administration

Constitution & Canons

2018 Constitution & Canons of The Episcopal Church (this document is updated every three years at General Convention)

Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of Central New York

Diocesan Budget

Diocesan Budget 2022 (Approved at 153rd Diocesan Convention)

Diocesan Budget 2021 (Approved at 152nd Diocesan Convention)

Revised Diocesan Budget 2020 (Approved by the Diocesan Board on May 19, 2020)

Diocesan Budget 2020 (Approved at 151st Diocesan Convention)

Diocesan Budget 2019 (Approved at 150th Diocesan Convention)

Diocesan Board

The Board shepherds the resources of the Diocese to fulfill its mission and to ensure a sustainable future by adopting ethical, transparent, and sound policies and programs.

The Board, together with the Bishop, sets the diocesan priorities and develops a budget to fund them. The Board also acts as the trustees for all diocesan corporations and funds.

Board members are lay and ordained members of the Episcopal Church and is led by the Bishop and Vice-Chair. The Board meets up to six times each year, with part of each meeting being a joint meeting with the Standing Committee.

Board membership includes the Bishop, four members elected at Convention, three members appointed by the Bishop, a Standing Committee representative, and the treasurer. See current Board members>

Minutes of January 2020 Board Meeting

Minutes of March 2020 Board Meeting

Minutes of May 2020 Board Meeting

Minutes of June 2020 Board Meeting

Minutes of August 2020 Board Meeting

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