The Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN) is an emergency fund that provides cash assistance to diocesan clergy for the purpose of meeting identified one-time severe human needs of individuals in the Diocese of Central New York.

Please note: Individuals in need should not apply directly for an EFHN grant. A member of the clergy of the Diocese of Central New York must make the application.


Staff Contact: Debbie Nettle
(315) 474-6596 x120 | e-mail

List of EFHN Board Members

Eligibility Guidelines

The Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN) should be used by clergy to respond to cases of severe human need in individuals. The following guidelines apply:

  • EFHN is for severe human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and health.
  • EFHN is for needs which cannot be met by other sources of assistance.
  • The clergy member applying is expected to contribute to the need from her or his discretionary fund.
  • EFHN is for  individuals within the Diocese of Central New York.

How to Apply

  1. A member of the clergy (parish priest, rector, or dean) or a parish warden (in parishes without clergy) identifies a case of severe human need and determines that the case meets the EFHN guidelines above.
  2. The clergyperson contacts a member of the EFHN Board (contact Debbie Nettle in the diocesan office for board member contact information).
  3. After the clergyperson (or warden) has discussed the case with an EFHN board member, the clergyperson (or warden) completes the  EFHN Application. The completed application should be sent to Debbie Nettle in the diocesan office.
  4. The EFHN board member reviews and approves the request. For grant applications over $700, two EFHN board members must approve the request.
  5. The EFHN board member notifies the diocesan office of the approved request, and the diocesan office issues a check, usually to the clergyperson’s discretionary account.

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