Ms. Sarah Alamond, Executive Assistant to the Bishop

(315) 670-0102 (direct)  | (315) 474-6596 x127 (main)  | e-mail

Sarah provides executive support to Bishop Duncan-Probe and manages the Bishop’s calendar and travel, including parish visitations. She is the staff liaison for the Diocesan Board and the Standing Committee and serves as Corporate Secretary.

Deb Denny is smiling, in her home. She's wearing a black shirt and a gold necklace.

Ms. Deb Denny, Administrative Assistant

(315)-352-5290 (direct)  | (315) 474-6596 x135 (main)  | e-mail

Deb provides broad administrative support to the whole diocesan team.


Ms. Kathy Dengler, Program Coordinator & Secretary of Convention

(315) 670-0075 (direct)  |  (315) 474-6596 x126 (main)  |  e-mail

Kathy coordinates diocesan events, particularly formation and training and resources for ministry. She also assists with church property matters.


The Rev. Canon Dr. Tom Ferguson, Canon to the Ordinary for Transition and Church Development

(315) 407-4545 (direct)  |  (315) 474-6596 x133 (main)  |  e-mail

Tom works collaboratively develops formation opportunities for people of the Diocese to deepen and live out our faith, and connects diocesan ministry teams, parish leaders, and community partners for new diocese-wide ministries and partnerships.


Ms. Cathy Hobart, Controller

(315) 352-5323 (direct)  |  (315) 474-6596 x131 (main)  |  e-mail

Cathy works with the Diocesan Board to oversee the diocesan budget. She is also the benefits administrator for the Diocese. Cathy can also assist parishes with questions related to payroll, employee benefits, and financial matters, including: pledges and assessments, 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, audits, and investments (including the Unified Investment Fund).

A shoulders-up view of Rachel in her home office. She's smiling to camera and wearing a red shirt with a blue floral print. She's in her home office in Michigan, but not much of it is visible.

Ms. Rachel Ravellette, Communications Director

(315) 407-4542 (direct)  |  (315) 741-1100 (mobile, call or text)  |  e-mail

The major focus of Rachel’s role as Communications Director is to share the stories of the Diocese of Central New York and its parishes, ministries, and people. She manages the diocese’s website and social media presence and assists and supports parishes with their communication work as needed including websites, social media, newsletters, messaging, cyber security and more as needed and requested.

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