Directory of Parishes and Clergy

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Diocesan Staff

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Diocesan Convention

The Rt. Rev Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, Bishop | e-mail
The Rev. Holly Eden, President and Chair of the Standing Committee (2025) | (315) 343-3818 | e-mail
Mr. Adam Eichelberger, Secretary of Conventione-mail
Dr. Marian Thompson, Assisting Secretary
The Rev. Christine Day, Assisting Secretary
Ms. Martha Berry, Esq., Co-Chancellor
Mr. Jonathan Fellows, Esq., Co-Chancellor


Mr. Brad Hunt, Esq., Chair | (315) 430-9030 | e-mail

The Rev. Kathryn (Holly) Eden
Ms. Doren Norfleet, Esq.
The Rev. Dr. Jerome Wichelns


The Rev. Christine J. Day, Co-Chair | (607) 797-3354 | e-mail
Mr. Brad Hunt, Esq., Co-Chaire-mail

Ms. Martha Berry, Esq.
Mr. Jonathan Fellows, Esq.
The Rev. Georgina Hegney
Mr. James Hughes, Esq.



The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee consists of four priests of the Diocese and four lay persons. The Committee serves as a council of advice to the Bishop. In times that a bishop is absent, the Standing Committee assumes ecclesiastical authority for the Diocese. The Standing Committee has other responsibilities regarding the buying and selling of property by parishes, granting consents for episcopal elections in other dioceses, and other duties as identified by the General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Holly Eden, President and Chair of the Standing Committee (2024) | (315) 343-3818 | e-mail

Ms. Jill Morales, Secretary (2024)

Dr. John W. Chaffee (2025)
The Rev. Trula Hollywood (2025)
The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell (2026)
Mr. John H. Orr (2026)
Ms. Cynthia Hopp Adamowsky (2027)
The Rev. Timothy Hannon (2027)

The Diocesan Board (Trustees of the Diocese)

The Board shepherds the resources of the Diocese to fulfill its mission and to ensure a sustainable future by adopting ethical, transparent, and sound policies and programs.

The Board, together with the Bishop, sets the diocesan priorities and develops a budget to fund them. The Board also acts as the trustees for all diocesan corporations and funds.

Board members are lay and ordained members of the Episcopal Church and is led by the Bishop and Vice-Chair. The Board meets up to six times each year, with part of each meeting being a joint meeting with the Standing Committee.

Board membership includes the Bishop, four members elected at Convention, three members appointed by the Bishop, a Standing Committee representative, and the treasurer.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, President
The Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin, Vice President and Chair of the Board (2025) | (585) 241-9317 | e-mail
Ms. Martha Berry, Esq., Co-Chancellor
Mr. Jonathan Fellows, Esq., Co-Chancellor
The Rev. Steve White, Treasurer

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Drebert (2024)
The Rev. John Rohde (2024)
Ms. Jane Gendron (2025)
Mr. Averell “Ave”  Bauder (2026)
The Rev. Joseph Hannah (2026)
Dr. Adam Hamilton-Ferguson (2026)

The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell, Standing Committee Representative
Mr. Henry Wakefield, Property Committee Representative

Ms. Cathy Hobart, Controller
Ms. Sarah Alamond, Recording Secretary

Committees of the Diocesan Board

Mr. Doug Mouncey
The Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin
Mr. Harmon TenWolde
The Rev. Steve White, Treasurer

Ms. Cathy HobartBishop’s Office Liaison

Reviews the finances of the Diocese, recommends to the Board a draft budget and deals with a variety of other financial policy issues.

The Rev. Dr. Charles Stewart, Chair | (315) 685-8578 | e-mail

Mr. Gregory Couch
Mr. Hamilton Fish
Mr. Daniel Fisher
Mr. James Hughes, Esq.
Mr. William C. Lipe
Mr. Angie Smith
Ms. Judith Sweet
Mr. John Watt

Bishop’s Office Liaison: Ms. Cathy Hobart | (315) 474-6596 x131 | e-mail

Ms. Cathy Hobart
The Molly Payne-Hardin
The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell
Mr. Averell “Ave”  Bauder
The Rev. Steve White

Disciplinary Board


The Rev. Christine Williams-Belt (2024)
Ms. Courtenay McKeon (2024)
Mr. Chaz Zelows (2024)
The Rev. Brad Benson
The Very Rev. Jeffrey Haugaard (2025)
The Very Rev. Ninon Hutchinson (2025)
Ms. Doren Norfleet, Esq. (2025)
The Rev. Dr. Renee Tembeckjian (2026)
Ms. Susan Cerasano (2026)

Intake Officers
The Rev. Julie Calhoun-Bryant | (315) 416-7133email
Mr. Lawrence Mathews | (315) 760-2773 | e-mail
Dr. Jack Wohlers | (315) 415-0768 | e-mail

The Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York

The Foundation of the Diocese of Central New York fosters, develops and contributes to the religious, educational and charitable work of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Central New York by making gifts, grants and loans to Church institutions, agencies, and organizations. Learn more.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, Chair
Mr. Henry Wakefield, President

Mr. Paul Regan, Treasurer

Mr. Jeffrey Cox (2023)
Mr. John Frieman (2025) Corporate Secretary
Mr. Michael Hardin (2024)
Mr. Charles Moore (2025) Vice President

Mr. Henry Wakefield (2026)

Ms. Cathy Hobart, Accountant(315) 474-6596 x131 | e-mail

Mr. Jeffrey Cox
Mr. Henry Wakefield
Mr. Charles Moore, ex-officio

Commissions, Committees & Programs

Ms. Karen Anderson, co-convener
Ms. Stephanie Nevels, co-convener

Mr. Charles Abraham
Mr. Theodore Andrews
The Rev. Lisa Busby
The Very Rev. Megan Castellan
The Rev. Brooks Cato
Ms. Shaniece Clark
The Rev. Taylor Daynes
Ms. Audrey Drake
The Rev. Kay Drebert
The Rev. Becky Drebert
The Rev. Elizabeth Ewing
Ms. Regina Grantham
The Rev. Glenn Mahaffey
The Rev. Bridget McManus
Ms. Jill Morales
Ms. Ernestine Patterson
The Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin
Mr. Matthew Sanaker
The Rev. Jenny Scott-Jones
Dr. Alexei Waters
The Rev. Steve White
The Rev. Anne Wichelns
The Rev. Peter Williams
The Rev. Christine Williams-Belt

Provides training workshops for clergy in new calls. Workshops provide support and build community among clergy peers, and serve as a place to share ideas and experiences on topics ranging from pastoral care to vestry meetings. For information about AIM, contact Canon Tom Ferguson.

The Commission works to strengthen ministry, both lay and ordained, with emphasis on supporting individuals in an ordination process and on continuing education for clergy and laity. Members are appointed by the Bishop and confirmed by a vote of the Diocese’s annual Convention. Members serve until their successors are nominated and confirmed.

The Rev. Dr. Daniel J. Handschy, Chair | (314) 443-1123 | e-mail

The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, Bishop of Central New York

Mr. Charles Abraham
The Rev. Shelly Banner
The Rev. Toppie Bates
Dr. Bambi Carkey
The Rev. Christine Williams-Belt
Ms. Ruthie Koerts
The Rev. Dcn. Dr. Charles Stewart
Ms. Cindy Adamowsky
Mr. Lloyd Hall
Ms. Karen Anderson

Members ex officio

Bishop’s Office Liaison: Ms. Sarah Alamond  | (315) 474-6596 x127| e-mail

The Rev. Dr. Charles Stewart, Chair | (315) 685-8578 | e-mail

Ms. Cynthia Adamowsky
Ms. Molly Allyn
The Rev. Taylor Daynes
Dr. Thomas Knudsen
Mr. James O’Neill

Mr. Michael R. Roman (2025), chair

The Rev. Lesley Adams (2023)
George Boyer (2022)
Jenna Kyle (2023)
The Rev. Ann Tillman (2024)
Bill Watson (2022)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe, ex officio
Chaplain: The Rev. Taylor Daynes  | (607) 255-4219  | e-mail

Ms. Terri Weir | (607) 656-4419 | e-mail

The Episcopal Fund for Human Need provides emergency cash assistance of up to $700 to individuals in need in the Diocese of Central New York.

Mr. Bill Branson, Chair

Ms. Mary Bradley
Ms. Ruthie Koerts
Mr. James Miller

Ms. Patricia Kinney, Chair | (315) 729-0657 | e-mail

Mr. Tom Brackett
Ms. Susan Clark
Mr. Kip Coerper
Ms. Christine Diviak
Ms. Dori Fulk
The Rev. Barbara Groves
Ms. Cheryl Logan

Ms. Patricia Kinneally, Committee Facilitator

Ms. Bonnie Adams, RN
Ms. Daisy Bongiovanni, RN
Dr. Barbara Connor, MD
Ms. Terri Morse, FNP
Mr. David O’Neill
Ms. Helen O’Neill, FNP
Ms. Mary O’Neill, RN
Ms. Laura Whitney

Vacant, Co-Convener

Ms. Pat Kinney
Mr. Peter Koeppel

Bishop’s Office Liaison: The Rev. Canon Dr. Tom Ferguson | office: (315) 474-6596 x133 |  e-mail

Bishop's Pastoral Deputies for Retired Clergy & Spouses

Mrs. Kira Dirghalli
The Rev. Jeffrey D. Knox
The Rev. Thomas Margrave
The Rev. Christine Day

General Convention

Clergy Deputies

The Rev. Shelly Banner
The Rev. Canon Megan Castellan
The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell
The Rev. Rebecca Roberts

Lay Deputies

Ms. Karen Anderson
Ms. Jill Morales
Ms. Martha Berry
Ms. Pamela Talbott

Clergy Alternate Deputies

The Rev. Taylor Daynes
The Rev. Christine Williams-Belt

Lay Alternate Deputies

Ms. Felicity Hallanan
Dr. Adam Hamilton-Ferguson
Ms. Kate Bell

Triennial Meeting of the Women of the Church 

Penny Dugas
Gail Jones
Clinnie Poole

:Ms. Penny Dugas
Ms. Gail Jones
Ms. Clinnie Poole

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