Emerging in God’s Love:
153rd Diocesan Convention

A butterfly emerges from a cocoon. She has been protected as she survived a total transformation. Now she is vulnerable, yet called to press forward. She will unfold and beat her wings. She will start slowly and need to be patient with herself, but she will build momentum. This is the Church in this moment.

The 153rd Convention of the Diocese of Central New York

The 153rd Convention of the Diocese of Central New York will take place online on Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, 2021.

In the months ahead, the Convention Committee on Agenda and Arrangements will consider whether it may be possible to hold some small, regional, in-person gatherings as part of Convention, and we appreciate your willingness to be flexible and adaptive as we discern the best course of action. Even in the midst of continued uncertainty, we are confident that God is present to guide and inspire this faithful diocesan community.


Questions? email: [email protected]

Ms. Kathy Dengler, Secretary of Convention
The Rev. Holly Eden, Assisting Secretary
Ms. Jill Morales, Assisting Secretary

Convention Business

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