A cut out of image of Bishop DeDe smiling broadly and invitingly to the camera is set against a purple background. The background is the shade of purple of Bishop's chasuble (a liturgical cape-type-thing that priests and bishops wear when they celebrate the Eucharist). The chasuble has a broad stripe down the center of gold fabric with ornate flowers on it; the same fabric forms a broad trim around the collar. You can see Bishop DeDe's pectoral cross over the chasuble. The main text of the image is right-aligned on the bottom and reads "Speaking of Faith with Bishop DeDe." The top of the image reads in smaller text "cnyepiscopal.org/podcast" and "@cnyepiscopal." All of the text is the same color as the background and set in stark contrast against white rectangles.

Welcome to Speaking of Faith with Bishop DeDe where we’ll connect faith questions and insights with the everyday realities of modern life. Join us on a transformative journey as we explore key theological concepts and their relevance to our daily lives, intentionally working to partner with God in healing the world with love.

Delve into the depths of religious thought in the Episcopal tradition, uncovering diverse perspectives and philosophical insights. Engage in meaningful discussions on topics like ethics, spirituality, and fighting dehumanization. Bishop DeDe and the occasional guest will demystify theological complexities (and yes, even nerd out a bit), empowering you to apply these profound principles in your life. Together, let’s dig into the deep and old mysteries of faith and foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. Tune in for transformative experiences and rollicking discussions with Speaking of Faith with Bishop DeDe!

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