CNY’s Way of Love: Following Jesus Together
Our Vision, Mission, and Rule of Life

Prayer for CNY’s Way of Love

God of vision and grace, you meet us where we are and invite us into new life:
give us ears to hear and courageous hearts to respond to your call,
that in our shared diocesan ministry we may walk your way of love,
bringing healing and hope to the world.
We ask this through your son, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever. Amen.


A world healed by love


Learning to love God, one another, and all God’s creation

Rule of Life: Pray

We are in constant conversation with God

Rule of Life: Listen

We listen and learn, especially to the voices of silenced and marginalized people

Rule of Life: Connect

We build relationships within and beyond our congregations

Rule of Life: Speak

We tell the truth with courage and integrity

Rule of Life: Share

We boldly share the stories of our lives of faith

Rule of Life: Respond

We steward all we have and all we are for the kingdom of God

What is a rule of life?

A rule of life is a commitment to live your life in a way that helps you draw closer to God. It might include particular actions, habits and patterns, attitudes, and values. It can help you make decisions, small and big, and remind you of your priorities. A rule of life is discerned and shaped through prayer and careful listening to God.

A rule of life can also help a community make decisions, order the life of the community, and help  members care for one another. In fact, rules of life come to us from the monastic tradition, where each member of the monastic community vows to live by the community’s rule.

As a valued member of our diocesan community, you are invited to discern how the rule of life contained in CNY’s Way of Love might help you, your small group, or your congregation draw closer to God and grow in love for all creation.

Where did this vision statement, mission statement, and rule of life come from?

These articles tell some of the story of the “visioning process:”

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