The goal of the diocesan Ministry Grants process is to raise up ministry efforts throughout the Diocese that further the mission goals of the entire Diocese. Ministry Grants empower churches, ministries, and partnerships working toward “a world healed by love” by supporting projects that reflect the ministry priorities of the Diocese. By funding projects through Ministry Grants rather than through the diocesan budget, the Diocese can steward resources in changing ministry contexts, remain responsive to new ideas and initiatives, and better ensure transparency and accountability for funds used for ministry.


Parishes, clusters, missions, chapels, parish organizations, and diocesan-chartered bodies in the Diocese of Central New York are eligible to apply for mission grants. Individuals and outside organizations may apply with endorsement from an eligible entity.


Ministry Grant applications must demonstrate that the grant would further one of the identified diocesan priorities listed in the current application. Diocesan priorities are established by the Diocesan Board and are consonant with our diocesan Vision, Mission, and Rule of Life.

Grants may not be used for building or other facility repairs or renovations or to cover salary costs of parish or other organization staff whose responsibilities exceed the needs of the granted ministry.

Granting Periods

Ministry Grants will be evaluated and awarded at least annually. Additional grant rounds may be available dependent upon the financial resources of the Diocese, as determined by the Board. Additionally, grants may be available to meet needs of an emergent nature regardless of the granting schedule.

Application Process

To apply, complete the Ministry Grant Application online (link below). Grants received after the deadline will not be considered. All applications should be endorsed by the minister of responsibility for the organization making the application and by the vestry or other leadership body.

Grants will require a verbal mid-term report and written final report to evaluate the accomplishments of the ministry against its stated goals (grants for the purchase of equipment require only a final report).

Applications for the Fall 2022 cycle of Diocesan Ministry Grants are due Friday, September 9, 2022.

The online application form is here: Ministry Grant Application – Fall 2022.

Supported priorities for the Fall 2022 Ministry Grants cycle are listed here. The maximum amount granted to any single parish in this cycle will be $5,000, regardless of the number of applications submitted; there will be a limit of $3,000 per parish for grants related to “Providing Technical Support for Congregations to Strengthen and Refine Digital Worship, Service, Formation, and Stewardship”).

Download the Ministry Grant Final Report Form: Ministry Grant Final Report Form

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