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Theme: Emerging in God’s Love

When a butterfly emerges transformed from her cocoon, she is tired and vulnerable, yet called to press forward. She will unfold and beat her wings; though she moves slowly she will build momentum.

Eighteen months into a world transformed by pandemic, we will come together as a diocesan community to renew our determination to seek a world healed by love. Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe and our featured speaker, Zen Master David Rynick, will lead us in exploring the gifts that God has given us for ministry, and the gifts God still holds out for us as we begin to emerge and re-gather in a still-changing world.

The 153rd Convention of the Diocese of Central New York took place online on November 13, 2021.

Convention Business

Resolutions are the instruments used to request the Convention to take some form of action, whether it’s changing our Canons or requesting the Diocese to support a specific group or cause.  Download a report of submitted resolutions and actions taken by the 153rd Convention: 153rd Convention (2021): Resolutions and Actions

The 152nd Convention approved the 2022 Diocesan Budget put forth by the Board.

Download the written Treasurer’s Report, and watch a recording of the Treasurer’s Report to Convention:

View a list of individuals elected to diocesan leadership positions by the 153rd Convention, and Bishop’s appointments approved by the 153rd Convention: Elections and Appointments: Diocesan Leaders elected or confirmed by the 153rd Convention

View Annual Reports from diocesan ministries, reporting on the use of funding received from the Diocese in 2020: Annual Reports 2020

At each Diocesan Convention, we remember by name any cleric, vestry member, or diocesan committee member who has died since our last Convention (November 2021). Download this year’s Memorial List.

For many years, our annual Diocesan Convention has passed resolutions to offer our gratitude for the ministry of people in our community, including retiring clergy, past bishops, and those who plan and host Convention. Beginning with the 153rd Convention, the Diocese will offer our gratitude for these ministers in a new way, by lifting them up in prayer at Convention. 

We come before you thankful for this Diocese and all those who faithfully ministered in the name of your son Jesus Christ and who practice the way of love.

We give thanks for the people of St. Paul’s, Brownville and their devoted ministry to their community and to the larger Church. As their church closes this year, may we celebrate their witness throughout the years.
Lord, hear our prayer.

For calling the Rev. Christine Day to ministry and her long service as Rector of All Saints’, Johnson City, we give thanks and wish her well in retirement.
Lord, hear our prayer.

For calling the Rev. Toppie Bates to ministries in this Diocese, most recently as priest associate at St. James, Skaneateles, we give thanks and wish her well in retirement.
Lord, hear our prayer.

For the long and devoted ministry to the Diocese of Central New York, we give thanks for Kathleen McDaniel, who faithfully served as a member of the Diocesan staff.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the long- time ministry of Mr. Charles Moore, who retires this year after many years of service as the Chair of the Committee on Lay Credentials. His devoted service has enabled our conventions to move forward.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We give thanks for the ministry of the Reverend Jon White as he completes his term as Vice President of the Diocesan Board. He has helped guide the Board during this unique and challenging time, holding a steady course as they grappled with the reality of the pandemic and the effect it had on the Diocese.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We are grateful for Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe. She leads us into faithful witness, models for us the way of love, and raises concerns that we as Christians are called to be engaged in. We pray that you continue to bless and strengthen her as she serves both this Diocese and the larger Church.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We remember with gratitude the former Bishops of this Diocese and the ministries of Bishop Skip Adams and Bishop David Joslin.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We give thanks for those who have served as members of the convention planning team, giving generously of their time and talent to make this Convention a success.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We are grateful to St. Matthew’s, Liverpool, to the Rev. Paul Frolick and Mr. Henry Wakefield and to the members of the congregation for providing us with a place to hold the in-person part of Convention, for their technical equipment and skills and especially for their hospitality.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Oramos y enviamos saludos para nuestros hermanos y hermanas en la diocesis de El Salvador y para el Obispo Juan David Alvarado. Que conoscan la fuerza y el amor de Dios durante estos tiempos dificiles. We pray for and send our greetings to our brothers and sisters in Diocese of El Salvador and to Bishop Juan David Alvarado. May they know Your strength  and love in the difficult times they face.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Almighty God, you have called us to faithful ministry in your name. You sent Jesus to live among us and to teach us what it means to follow and practice the way of love. We pray that you continue to send your blessings upon those we have prayed for, that they might serve as examples of faithful servanthood. In the name of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Please take a moment to complete the CONVENTION EVALUATION FORM after Convention is adjourned Saturday afternoon. The evaluation form was also emailed to all registered delegates and guests.


Bishop’s Address

Rev. David Rynick’s Presentation

Download Rev. Rynick’s handout,  The Wheel of Faith and Renewal (Attention~Intention~Action)

Visit Rev. Rynick’s website, davidrynick.com

Purchase Rev. Rynick’s book, book This Truth Never Fails: A Zen Memoir in Four Seasonsa bedside book of short inspirational stories about meeting life faithfully⁠—complete with humor and invitation to practice faithfully in the midst of our everyday lives.


With gratitude to our virtual Convention photographers–that’s all of us!


The Convention Offering

The Offering taken up at the 153rd Diocesan Convention will benefit the vital ministries of our Companion Diocese of El Salvador.

Throughout the challenges of the pandemic, the Diocese of El Salvador has continued long-standing ministries with the poor and vulnerable. These include:

  • Providing medical care, dental care, and prescription medications to poor communities;
  • Carrying emergency food bundles to far-flung villages experiencing drought and floods related to climate change;
  • Standing with other faith communities in opposition to political maneuvers that threaten basic human rights in El Salvador.

Thanks to your generosity, the Offering has raised $6,999 to date!

To give online, please visit  cnyepiscopal.org/convention-offering

You may also mail a check to The Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, PO Box 3520, Syracuse, NY 13220. Please make checks payable to “The Diocese of CNY” and write “Convention Offering” in the memo line.

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