Bishop-Elect DeDe Duncan-Probe greets the people of the Diocese of Central New York as we bid farewell to Bishop Skip and Bonnie Adams on October 22nd and as we prepare for our upcoming Regional Meetings, Diocesan Convention, and the Consecration.

Video Transcript

Dear People of Central New York, it is so wonderful to be here; to be moved in—or moving in—to be meeting with the Standing Committee, to meet with the staff, and to begin the work that we share together.

I’m so grateful to Bonnie and to Skip for the fifteen years of wonderful ministry and leadership that they have offered and I’m grateful that the upcoming celebration will be a time of rejoicing in all that they have given and shared with this Diocese.

I’m also looking forward to our Regional Meetings, to the opportunity that I’ll have with you: to hear from you, to talk with you, and to share with you the ways in which God is calling all of us together to minister in God’s name in this world.

I look forward to Convention; to hearing from the different committees and celebrating this last year in the life of this Diocese—a significant year of joining together in ministry—both as a celebration of the past and in preparation for the future.

I look forward to the Consecration, of course. What a time of celebration and of preparation we’ve all been in! It’s a time for this Diocese to come together. It’s tempting to think that it’s about one person, but in fact it’s all of us, becoming who God has called us to be together: the people of the Diocese of Central New York, ministering in the world, serving as Christ’s heart and hands in this world that is so in need of love and nurture and acceptance.

I look forward to seeing you, to joining with you, and most of all to hearing you and listening to you. What we do together is sacred work. I’m so glad to be here; to share this work with you. Much love to each of you. And I look forward to seeing you soon.

God Bless.


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