“A healed world where every soul is sacred.” A mid-Lent message from Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe

Watch above: Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York offers a word of encouragement in the midst of Lent 2019, and introduces the new diocesan vision statement.


Dear friends, I hope that your Lent is one of deep meaning and profound growth for you, that you’re finding that your Lenten discipline is drawing you closer to God.

It is at this point that we may be thinking about what is ahead: Holy Week, Easter and beyond. I wonder how your time this Lent will be lived out beyond Easter? What things are we learning now that we’ll continue to learn and to grow into as we move forward?

In the Diocese we are in a time of visioning. The standing committee, Diocesan Board, and staff, joined with representative voices and in February had a retreat. The fruit of that work is a vision statement. “A healed world where every soul is sacred.” It is a vision of what will happen as result of our shared ministry.

And so now I’ve invited that team of visionaries to once again gather and to now talk about our mission statement: the how-to, the “What’s next?” How will we accomplish this vision and what will be involved? This is a time of deep discernment and prayer, and consideration of all that we are doing as a diocese.

So, I hope you, in your Lenten discipline and beyond, will also join us in this sacred work, knowing that God is at work here. In many ways we are being called into new directions, living the loving, liberating, life-giving love of Jesus Christ, as our presiding bishop, Michael Curry, often says.

So, as your Lenten journey continues, may you also feel God’s love journeying with you. Blessings to you.

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