First, allow me to thank each of you in the Diocese of Central New York for your warm welcome! In my short time working with the Diocese as your new Communications Director, each and every person whom I’ve met has been kind, gracious and welcoming and I could not be more thankful to be part of such a loving Diocese! It’s exciting to join in your good work here. 

St. John's Speedsville is pictured on a day with a gloriously blue sky. The bright sun created a lens flare in the upper right corner of the photo which suggests that maybe a heavenly chorus is singing with joy at the sight of this picturesque church building.

I snagged this photo of St. John’s Speedsville from a Facebook post because I love that the lens flare makes it look like all of God’s angels are rejoicing at the sight of this lovely congregation! This photo is a great example of the kind of content I’d love for you to share with me.

Part of my role as Communications Director is to tell the stories of Episcopalians and Episcopal communities in CNY and, by doing so, to celebrate each of you! Your parishes and ministries are beautiful examples of people walking the Way of Love in community. Celebrating you and your good work on our website, in The Messenger, and on our social media channels helps to spread the love and joy of Christ across Central New York and beyond, but I need your help to do that! 

I hope that you – whether you’re a lay member, staff member, or clergyperson – will reach out to me to share the good work you’re doing (or just to say hi!). Here are five ways you can contact me: 

Upload your content!

Got photos or videos of your parish? Send ‘em my way through this form! I’d love to be able to highlight your parish with visuals, especially when you come up on the diocesan cycle of prayer. 

Tag us!

You’re always welcome and encouraged to tag the Diocese in your parish’s social media content. Across all major social media platforms, you can find us at @cnyepiscopal. 

(Oh, hey! If you’re not connected with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube, now’s a great time to change that!)

Let’s Talk!

The best way for me to help celebrate you and tell your stories is for you and I to meet. You can set up a time on my calendar to chat at this link

Give me a call!

During business hours, you can reach me by voice at 315-407-4542 or 315-741-1100. You can also text me at either of those numbers. 

Send me a message.

Email works, too! Click here to send me an email.


It is my hope that sharing parish stories with me so that I can share and celebrate them widely will become second nature to everyone in our diocese. Let’s share, receive, and celebrate each other’s stories as the holy gifts they are!

Grace and peace,

Rachel Ravellette, Communications Director

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  • Jeffrey Knox

    Dear Rachel,
    Thank you and welcome as our Communication Director.. “For better or worse,” I am a life long , born and bread Episcopalian . Trinity, Seneca Falls, Baptized, Confirmed, Married, Ordained Deacon. We served 5 parishes in the Boonville area. Then 3 congregations in the Adams area and moved to All Saints’, Fulton in 1974-2000. Where we took early retirement. Sense retirement have lived in the Oswego. Their are other clergy who have had similar good ministries in CNY. It is a good diocese to have been able to spend the “Hopes and Fears of all the pastoral years of…,the ministry Peace Jeffrey

    • Diocese of Central New York Communications

      Nice to meet you, Jeffrey! I love getting to know the good people of CNY. 🙂 – Rachel

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