This page contains Annual Reports to the 150th Diocesan Convention from various governing bodies and ministries of the Diocese.

Antiracism Team

Antiracism Team

Submitted by the Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew

The Antiracism Team conducts Antiracism Training sessions at no cost to the Diocese. Participants are charged a $10 fee to cover the cost of lunch. Local parishes host the training sessions and provide snacks.

A series of Lenten Listening Sessions were offered for the first time. The only cost was that of mileage for Diocesan staff members, which was charged to the administrative travel budget.

Three Antiracism resolutions were offered and approved at Diocesan Convention at no cost.

The Rev. Canon John Crosswaite and The Very Rev. Peter Williams of the Antiracism Team attended a Dismantling Racism Conference at the Absalom Jones Center in Atlanta, GA at a cost of $1,732.83 in 2018.

Dr. Catherine Meeks, author of Living into God’s Dream: Dismantling Racism in America, was the keynote speaker at the Ministry Fair in 2018. Expenses were included in the Ministry Fair budget.

The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, the Presiding Bishop’s Canon for Evangelism and Reconciliation, will be the keynote speaker at Diocesan Convention in 2018. Expenses will be itemized in the Convention budget.

Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry

Submitted by the Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew

In 2017 the Commission on Ministry received two $550.00 donations for theological education, for a total of $1,100.00.

In 2018 the Commission on Ministry spent $265.00 on an Oxford Document background check for one person and $1,500 on General Ordination Exams for two people.

The Discernment Teams had a retreat day in Spring 2018 at Christ the King Retreat House in Syracuse, which totaled $900.

A Ministry Discernment Day will be held in the fall of 2018 with an approximate budget of $125.

The first Ordination Discernment Retreat will be held at St. Margaret’s House in New Hartford in the fall of 2018, for which the approximate cost will be $73 per person. The number of people may range from 12-16, depending on the final number of Nominees for Discernment. The total will be between $876-$1168, plus approximately $125 for a reception including the spouses and families of Nominees.


Diocesan Communications

Submitted by Ms. Meredith Kadet Sanderson

Under the oversight of the Director of Communications, the diocesan communications ministry shares the Good News of Jesus Christ in Central New York through a comprehensive communications and public relations plan.

Significant accomplishments in the years 2017 & 2018 include (through July 18, 2018):

  • Organize and support public ministry events; generate significant positive church wide and local media coverage about the Episcopal Church, with emphasis on moral authority and pastoral presence. Covered activities include: ashes-to-go, response to white supremacy in Charlottesville, response to gun violence (tolling bells for Vegas victims, support of young people’s March for Our Lives), prayer service for separated migrant families.
  • Support church wide and diocesan relationships and inspire ministries through website, reporting, written and video storytelling (see Call of the Spirit series and We are the Diocese of Central New York, both released at 148th Convention), bishop’s video messages and live Facebook events, e-mail marketing, print media, social media and more.
  • Promote parish activities around key holidays/events (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday) in cost-effective manner through social media & website;
  • Provide one-on-one consultation and support to parish leaders on communications strategy and tools.
Companion Diocese

Companion Diocese Committee

Submitted by the Rev. Deacon Dr. Charles Stewart

This diocesan committee continues to learn about, live, work and pray with our sisters and brothers in El Salvador, and most especially among the members of Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de El Salvador (IAES). Hundreds of the parishioners in IAES have met some of the pilgrims from Central New York. In addition to the Mission of Miracles, more than ninety people have experienced life in the churches, in the countryside, and in the street of El Salvador in the past thirteen years – some several times. Likewise, Central New York has received returning missionaries and Salvadoran clergy in close to a dozen parishes and at our convention. The message of changed lives is carried to our parishes by returning parish members, by sermons, through Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly by personal testimony.

All are invited to be part of the ministry. We encourage all persons and parishes, most importantly, to pray the Prayer Cycle for the Companion Diocese, published on the Diocesan web site, on Facebook and on Twitter. Those who are able are invited to join a pilgrimage or mission trip. The gospel is spread by serving the poor and marginalized, but more so by openly demonstrating the need and offering opportunities. All ages and abilities can participate, bless and be blessed.

We believe we act on all five of the Marks of Mission:

  • Proclaim the good news: God loves – perhaps especially – those at the margins. We go. We support them. We love each other.
  • Teach, baptize and nurture: Joining in worship, opening the world to our own youth. Vacation Bible School (Escuela Biblia) in parishes that we visit
  • Respond to human needs: Mission of Miracles, Habitat missions, Scholarships, Support to their new local seminary program,
  • Transform unjust structures: Forced Internal Displacement, Forced Migration and Community Development (Cristosal), LGBTQ support groups, Refugee support
  • Integrity of Creation: Community gardens (Cristosal, El Maizal, Izalco)

Specific results in 2017/2018

  • Received Señora Ana Gomez, diocesan treasurer and assistant to the bishop, at our diocesan convention and hosted her at Trinity, Watertown, the day after convention
  • Sponsored a Habitat for Humanity build in Sonsonate, led by Kip Coerper, in May 2017. Plans are tentative for Habitat build in 2019. In 2018 the group planned to build in Puerto Rico.
  • Ninth Youth Pilgrimage (eight participants) in July 2017
  • Six from our diocese joined two from the Diocese of Northern California and several from El Salvador at Cristosal’s Global School on Human Rights and Youth Leadership
  • Served as Deacon at Convention Eucharist at San Juan Evangelista, San Salvador, and twice at Santisima Trinidad, San Martin, in June 2017, including their Patronal Day
  • Served as diocesan representative and Deacon at the Festival Eucharist at the celebration “50 Years of Saint John the Evangelist: Evangelization and Perspectives of Sustainable Development” in May 2018
  • Continued support, integration and involvement with Foundation Cristosal
  • Support for partial scholarships for university students
  • Conveyed greetings, love and support from Bishop DeDe at 2017 Diocesan Convention
  • Compose Prayer Cycle for the Companion Diocese and publicize weekly on diocesan web page, Facebook and Twitter
  • Supported continuation of the covenant between TEC and IARCA through membership on Covenant Committee. Participated in joint meeting of TEC/IARCA Covenant Committee at General Convention in Austin, TX, in July 2018 and in Guatemala in April 2016.
Continuing Education of Clergy

Continuing Education of Clergy

Submitted by Ms. Cathy Hobart

During 2017, three Blessing of the Oils services were held in three locations across the Diocese.  One Clergy Day gathering took place in the fall.  Church Pension Fund presented on the upcoming pension changes for clergy and paid for half of the day’s expenses.  The clergy met with Bishop Duncan-Probe after lunch.

Diocesan Board (Financial)

Diocesan Board (Financial)

Submitted by Ms. Cathy Hobart, Controller

Accruals:  Accruals for Lambeth Conference, Episcopal Youth Event, Next Bishop Search, the Bishop’s and Canon’s sabbaticals, Title IV, and General Convention.  It has been more than 10 years since the last Lambeth Conference was held so no funds were accrued in 2017 not knowing when, or if, the next conference is held.  The conference is in England. Episcopal Youth Event occurs every three years. The event was held this year consuming the funds accrued the past two years.  Accrual for the Next Bishop Search was restarted this year along with brand new sabbatical funds for the two new Canon positions.  An accrual was started for the possibility of future Title IV proceedings. General Convention occurs every three years.   The last General Convention was in 2015 in Utah.  The next General Convention will be in 2018 in Austin, TX.  A contingent of delegates (10 people) plus the Triennial representatives (3 or 4 people) and the Bishop attend.

Closed Parish properties:  Costs of maintaining three closed parish properties – Christ Church, Sackets Harbor, Christ Church, Wellsburg, and All Saints’, Utica.  Listing of Christ Church is pending approval by the Diocesan Board. The sale of All Saints’ was finalized in October 2017 and Christ Church, Wellsburg in February 2017.  Costs were also incurred for the dissolution of Grace, Waterville.

Formation:  The Diocesan Board added a pool of funding into the 2017 budget when it was put together in the spring of 2016 to give the new Bishop funding for new initiatives.  With this budget, the new Canon for Transition and Church Development offered several workshops at various locations throughout the Diocese (Boundaries, Borders and Better Relationships, Stewardship roundtables, Conflict Resolution). The Canon was also sent to College for Congregational Development training in Rochester. The Canon to the Ordinary brought in Dwight Zscheile to the 2017 Convention to lay the groundwork for Learning Communities Initiative in 2018.

Pass Through Expenses:  Pass through funds from Bishop’s Visitations, annual solicitation for Contributor’s Fund and payment from Church Insurance for Risk Management Program.  Funds expended come from outside sources.

Grants (Block, Legacy, and Audit):  No Block Grants were awarded during 2017. The budget was $7,500.00.  Three Legacy grants totaling $6,890 were awarded to: Zion/ Rome, Trinity/Canastota, and Trinity Memorial/Binghamton. There was no budget for these grants. Three Audit scholarships, totaling $2,100, were awarded to: St. Matthew’s/S. New Berlin, Trinity/Seneca Falls, and St. Paul’s/Owego.

MDG’s:  Six matching grants were made in 2017 for a total of $7,139.59. Grants were given for matching funds to St. James’, Clinton and St. Paul’s, Syracuse, Habitat for Humanity, Malaria relief, Educare Africa, Food for the Poor. The grants are awarded by the Global Mission Committee.

NYSERDA grants: Two grants were awarded by the Foundation of the Diocese using these grant funds. Total grants were $2,000; one to St. Andrew’s, Evans Mills and the other to St. Thomas’, Hamilton.

Episcopal Church Assessment:  The assessment for the Diocese was $215,478.  A reduction of $34,434 from the previous year. This saving was passed back to the parishes in the Diocese as an Assessment credit.  The assessment funds the budget of The Episcopal Church, which was adopted by General Convention in July 2015.  The Episcopal Church budget for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018 is $125,012,351.  Funding policy for this period is adopted based on a single asking of the dioceses.  After a $150,000 exemption from total income, a single asking shall be applied as follows:  2016 – 18%, 2017 – 16.5% and 2018 – 15% of the balance of income to the diocese, reported in the diocesan financial statements for the year two years prior to the year in which the pledge is applied.

Parish Mission Commitments:  Parish Mission Commitments is the payment of earnings from endowments restricted for those specified parishes.  During 2017, payments were made quarterly to 35 parishes for a total of $105,059.  There is also a restricted fund that the proceeds are distributed between two parishes and a cemetery at the donor’s request included in the above numbers.   The funds are all held in UIF – Long Term Fund.

Retiree Benefits:  Health insurance and life insurance costs for lay retirees from Diocesan staff. There is a subsidy provided by the Diocese towards the health insurance with the balance of the premiums paid by the individuals.  An actuarial study of retiree benefits is performed as required for the annual audit.  Once a year lunch gathering for retired clergy and widows with the Bishop.  Cost for this lunch is fully covered by restricted endowment.

Seminarian Scholarships:  COM Ordination for Ministry Team awards scholarships.  In 2017, 1 scholarships totaling $8,721 was given to one student at Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School.

Bishop Search (Standing Committee):  The process of searching for the 11th Bishop began in 2015 and concluded with the consecration of The Rt. Rev. DeDe Duncan-Probe in December 2016.  $9,575 was spent for expenses of the Search Committee and work with a consultant in 2015 and $103,274 was spent in 2016 for the balance of the Search Committee’s work and the Transition Committee’s work including the electing Convention and the Consecration. Final moving expenses and payment for a crozier for Bishop Duncan-Probe were paid in 2017. Total paid in 2017 was $11,728. Funds previously budgeted for accruals for Next Bishop Search and Sabbatical in 2015 were used towards these costs.

Stewardship:  In 2017, the annual diocesan membership (allowing every parish access to TENS support) was $1,250.00.

Unincorporated Parish Properties:  Property maintenance and insurance expenses related to several unincorporated properties including Paris Hill.  Paris Hill expenses are covered by restricted endowment funds.

UTO:  A grant to the national UTO was made from the balance of the restricted endowment earnings for the year of $6,104.

Antiracism Program:  No funds were expended from the $1,450 budget for the year.

Safeguarding God’s People: No funds were expended from the $1,852 budget for the year.

Ministry Support:  This budget included lay employee compensation and benefits.  A Canon to the Ordinary position was added in 2017 and a replacement Transition Officer position was expanded to a Canon for Transition and Church Development position. The Communications’ Director was moved into the Diocesan office suite from a remote work position and changed to a full-time position.  In order to accommodate these changes, the Board leased an additional office space by adding it to, and extending the existing lease by five years. The existing office suite was renovated and the Archives were moved from the Onondaga Historical Association building to the renovated Diocesan office spaces. This budget also includes the costs of maintaining and operating the Diocesan offices, including supplies, equipment, phone and internet, insurance, meeting expenses, postage, travel and training for staff, dues and fees, uncollectible assessments, depreciation, professional services, audit, and legal costs.

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry

Submitted by Peg Coleman

The budget for the Education for Ministry (EfM) program for 2017 ($5,200) was allocated as follows.

  • $2,500 to University of the South in Sewanee, TN (diocesan partnership fee)
  • $249 for EfM mentor training support (partial scholarships for annual certification; 1/3 of training fee from individual, parish, and diocese)
  • $323 for expenses for graduation/reunion event
  • $621 for Diocesan Convention registration and lodging for volunteers at exhibitors’ table
  • $422 for ½ travel expenses for Coordinator Conference in Sewanee, TN
  • $1,074 for support for outreach at convention ($210, ‘We are Theologians’ and ‘The Dream of God’ books offered in free drawing) and to EfM participants ($864, partial scholarships of 1/3 of $375 participants’ fee (split equally between individual, parish, and diocese) and ‘Crazy Christians’ gift books).

In addition, the 2017 EfM mentor training event fees ($2742; $230 per person for annual 18 contact-hour training) provided income to cover costs of hosting the training. Fourteen mentors were certified (11 from the Diocese of Central New York; 1 each from the Dioceses of Albany and Vermont; and 1 unaffiliated person). Two trainers were assigned and their honoraria paid by Sewanee. The Diocese of Central New York paid for ½ of trainer travel and all costs for local travel, meals, and lodging out of income from mentor training fees.

Ephphatha (Deaf Ministry

Ephphatha (Deaf Ministry)

Submitted by the Very Rev. Peter Williams

Ephphatha Deaf Church is officially a “mission chapel” of the Diocese of CNY. I just call it Deaf Church because that is how Deaf people see us. The other term would not have much meaning to the community. However, we are small and spread out across the diocese. Our members are mostly elderly, and don’t travel much. That is why we are a Mission CHapel, and do not have a vestry any longer. Currently we have monthly services in Liverpool and Brownville on Thursdays at noon. That works for our older members. There are pastoral visits to those who cannot get out of the house or are in healthcare facilities. These visits happen in Syracuse, Endicott, Owego, and other locations as needed. We print a regular newsletter.

Several people affiliated with Ephphatha died in 2017 and early 2018. Our already small community is even smaller, with about 20 households.

Nevertheless, we continue to have a community outreach. The priest attends community Deaf organization events when possible, such as special dinners or summer picnics. Because there are very few clergy who know any American Sign Language, our priest is occasionally contacted to visit and pray with people who are not actually affiliated with Ephphatha… but they have nowhere else to call.

Additionally, our own people in the Syracuse are now organizing a community picnic each summer. In 2017, more than 50 people from around the Syracuse area attended this event! We are small, but we are not without spirit!

Funds from the diocesan budget for Ephphatha do this:

  • pay for 1/4 time clergy, and gas mileage as needed.
  • We also occasionally need to hire interpreters for special events.
  • we need stamps, and paper, and photocopying
  • we need funds to pay for needed materials when we have special events
  • our member who attend our monthly liturgies make an effort to support the ministry with their small donations.
Episcopal Fund for Human Need (EFHN)

Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN)

Submitted by Ms. Deborah Nettle

The Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN) continues to function as a means of helping people in the diocese who have a sudden, unexpected and urgent financial need. These people may or may not be Episcopalians. The majority of urgent needs are to those who have lost jobs but need to keep up with their mortgage/rent payments, utility payments, medical expenses, and so forth. With a few unsolicited contributions from dedicated individuals, we have been able to keep up with the demand. Donations are always welcome. Total grants given in 2016: $7,094.23.

Members: Mr. Bill Branson, Chair; Ms. Mary Bradly and Mr. Jim Miller
Support Staff: Mrs. Beverly Bolton and Ms. Debbie Nettle

Please visit to find out more about EFHN or call the Diocesan office at (315) 474-6596 and speak to Ms. Debbie Nettle.

Global Mission

Global Mission

Submitted by Ms. Pat Kinney

The Global Mission committee, consisting of lay and clergy members, met once in August to review the year and to plan for the future. This included planning attendance at the 2018 GEMN conference. The committee examined how the work of this group supports the Sustainable Development goals, established by the seventieth UN General Assembly. They also conversed and took action on matching grants during the year via internet. Seven matching grants, totaling $8,967.59 were awarded to six different parishes in the Diocese of CNY. These parishes have established relationships with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.


P.E.A.C.E. Conference

Submitted by Kathleen McDaniel

The 2017 day of sharing, education, and community building included twenty-seven participants and presenters from across the Diocese. Twenty-two parishes were represented at the gathering which took place at Christ Church, Manlius on October 25th. Participants engaged in lively discussion throughout the day which included presentations on conflict resolution, parish and diocesan records/archives as well as a conversation with Bishop DeDe. There was also time for sharing ‘best practices’ in parish administration, record keeping, organizational tools, multi-tasking and other related topics. Lunch was provided and each participant received a book on archives for congregations. Thanks to diocesan support, there is no fee to attend this bi-annual gathering.

Standing Committee

Standing Committee

November 11, 2017 through November 1, 2018

Submitted by the Very. Rev. Christine J. Day

The Standing Committee of the Diocese is authorized by the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church as well as by the Canons of the Diocese of Central New York. It is composed of four clerical members and four lay members, one of who in each order is elected by Diocesan Convention for a four year term. The 2017-2018 members of the Committee are by class:

Class of 2018: The Very Rev. Christine J. Day; Ms. Maria Dawson
Class of 2019: The Rev. Jennifer Kenna: Ms. Stacey Balduf, Esq.
Class of 2020: The Rev. Adrian Amaya; Ms. Felicity Hallanan
Class of 2021: The Rev. Brooks Cato; Ms. Beth Hallinan

The Committee met November 11, 2017 immediately following Diocesan Convention and elected the Rev. Christine Day as President, Ms. Stacey Balduf as Secretary, and the Rev. Jennifer Kenna as Representative to the Board. However in the course of the year the Committee functioned as a smaller body: Ms. Maria Dawson suffered a stroke and was unable to attend meetings; The Rev. Adrian Amaya’s illness entered end stage and he joined the Church Triumphant in April 2018; and finally Ms Stacey Balduf resigned as Secretary and from the Committee after the June 2018 meeting. Ms. Felicity Hallanan became the Secretary Pro Tempore.

The Standing Committee most often executed the regular duties of episcopal consents, Commission on Ministry consents, property matters and as a council of advice to the Bishop. Property issues still require much of the Standing Committee’s time. All Church property is held in trust by the Diocese. Consequently most property transactions (placing property on the market to sell, selling property, mortgages, property leases of seven years or more) must be approved by the Standing Committee. The necessary procedures and forms may be found on the Diocesan website under “Resources,” then “Congregations,” then “Church Property,” then download the appropriate forms or information. Contact information is also found on the Diocesan website, the side bar on “Church Property” will lead you there and inquiries are always welcome. The forms for these various transactions must be completed and submitted to the Standing Committee at least two weeks prior to a meeting of the Standing Committee, so that all members may have time to carefully review the materials before the meeting. Parish representatives may personally present their case to the Committee, but completely prepared and legible paperwork is required because the paperwork becomes part of the materials submitted to the NYS Supreme Court. NYS Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office require legible paperwork, typed or printed neatly in ink.

The Standing Committee met on the following dates during 2016-2017:

November 11, 2017
January 16, 2018
January 27-29, 2018 (email meeting)
March 20, 2018
April 11-12, 2018 (email meeting)
June 19, 2018
June 19, 2018 (with Diocesan Board)
September 18, 2018
October 30, 2018 (with St. Paul’s, Syracuse and Diocesan Board)

The following are the “official actions” of the Standing Committee 2017-2018 by category:

Episcopal Consents

  • Consented to the election of the Rev. Canon Kevin Nichols to be Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese of Bethlehem;
  • Consented to the election of the Rev. Canon Michael Buerkel Hunn to be Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese of Rio Grande;
  • Consented to the election of the Rev. Carlye J. Hughes to be Bishop Diocesan of Newark;
  • Consented to the calling for an election of a Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of Texas;
  • Did not consent to the election of the Ven. Kerwin Delicat as Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Haiti;
  • Consented to the election of the Rev. Mark Cowell as Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese of Western Kansas.

Commission on Ministry

  • Consented to John Rohde’s ordination to the transitional diaconate;
  • Consented to Patricia Kinney’s candidacy and ordination to the transitional diaconate


  • Consented to the sale of 1/3 of a vacant parcel of land given to Christ Church, Wellsburg in Chemung County (Sale fell through);
  • Consented to the sale of the rectory of the former Christ Church, Sackets Harbor (January: Sale fell through);
  • Consented to the sale of the rectory of the former Christ Church, Sackets Harbor;
  • Consented to the petition to place on the market a parcel of land in Florida which had been given to St. James, Skaneateles;
  • Consented to the sale of the former Christ Church, Sackets Harbor to the Sackets Harbor Historical Society;
  • Did not consent to the Shaping St. Paul’s Space (SSS) proposal to build apartments within and renovate St. Paul’s, Syracuse.


  • Consented to the dissolution of the Church of the Savior, Syracuse (Church of the Savior, Syracuse is a Chapel of the Diocese and the dissolution should have been done when Church of the Savior became a Chapel).

Faithfully Submitted,

The Very Rev. Christine J. Day,
President of the Standing Committee



Submitted by the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

A key element of the spiritual life of any congregation is Stewardship. The Bishop asked me, as part of Congregational Development, to focus attention on helping increase the capacity for Stewardship in our diocese.

In 2017, we held Stewardship Roundtables throughout the diocese, with the aim of just coming together to share what’s worked and what hasn’t in our parishes. These events also gave me a good read on where we might focus our stewardship formation efforts in the coming years as well as identify leaders in our parishes with a passion for stewardship. The two-hour round-tables were offered at Vestry Day, as well as in Oneida, Binghamton, Watertown, and Camillus. Close to 100 people attended these events. Some comments from the evaluations:

  • “Sharing ideas is always a good thing.”
  • Would like to explore, “How to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Working with less and less.”
  • Highlight: “Sharing ideas from many perspectives. Dedicated church activists.”

As a diocese, we continue our connection with TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship). Our affiliation as a “member diocese” allows us access to benefits that include: invitations to regional workshops, online webinars, and annual giving campaign materials. All parishes and members of their congregations enjoy access to “members only” web section. We’re increasing the direct connections between our parishes and stewardship chairs with the TENS organization.


In 2018, we re-started a diocesan Stewardship Committee. The committee is made up of: the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, the Rev. Elizabeth Ewing, the Rev. Leon Mozeliak, Mrs. Louise Brown-Smith, and Mr. Peter Koeppel. We meet quarterly to talk about ways to support our parishes as we deepen our practices and habits around stewardship.

In 2018, we’ll also offer another series of workshops around “Stewardship as a Spiritual Practice.” In addition, we’ve been invited to participate in the TENS conference that’s coming to the Diocese of Rochester on September 15, 2018.

Training & Resources

Training and Resources for Ministry Team

Submitted by the Rev. Kathy Corley

Since our last report to Convention, the Training and Resources Team of the Commission on Ministry has held a Ministry Fair and continues to offer training opportunities for various Licensed Ministry Leaders. Also, we accepted with great regret and enormous thankfulness, the resignations of Hope and Richard Van Scoy. Their years of service to the diocese are greatly appreciated and their presence will be greatly missed!

Ministry Fair
At the Holiday Inn in Liverpool

We were about 130 people from around the diocese who heard our keynote speaker, Dr. Catherine Meeks, talk about her life and work in racial reconciliation. Her concern that we remember that we are all God’s beloved children challenged us in this divided political climate! Three sessions of workshops were offered, one in the late morning and two after lunch, covering such topics as: Team Ministry, Youth, Website design, Prayer Bead creation and use, Centering Prayer, Praying in Color – a total of 17 workshops were offered. Feedback on the event was positive – it was an event full of hope and encouragement.

Lay Preaching Program
The Lay Preaching Program is now in its fifth year in the Diocese of Central New York. Coordinated by The Rev. Bridget McManus, and assisted by The Rev. Jeanne Hansknecht, the students meet for two years: four times a year with weekly homework and assignments between each class. There are six continuing students and three new students were added in 2018.

We’re grateful for the students in the program who are steadfast in their work of becoming good preachers. We are also grateful for the clergy who serve as their mentors and those who join to offer ‘Master Classes.’

Transition Consultants

Transition Consultants

Submitted by the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

Transition Consultants are specially trained interim ministers who are available to contract to work with congregational leadership to address key areas of transition. These consultants generally don’t serve as Sunday sacramentalists, rather serve as consultants to the vestry and other parishes leadership. Our diocesan Transition Consultants meet together monthly for a time of continuing education, collegial support, and group accountability.

In 2017, our group experienced a few transitions of our own! The group celebrated Judy Fried’s retirement and gave thanks for her ministry among us. The group also warmly welcomed me as the new Canon for Transition and Church Development. The Rev. Holly Eden, who had been the convener of the group, stepped down and gave the group a chance to reimagine our mission and identity.

For our continuing education, we read together a couple of books including: Leading from the Second Chair (Brown and Patterson), and Getting to Yes (Fisher and Ury). We heard several presentations from our members and shared informally as well.

In 2017, with funding from this group, I became a fully certified Interim Minster, which greatly enriches my work in Transitions and Church Development. We also sent one other person to Interim Training. We’re currently working with a couple of other people who are in the process of discerning whether or not to be trained as interims. In our diocese, trained interims serve as transition priests in congregations and can also serve as congregational consultants.

For 2018, our group goals include: helping more people become trained in interim ministry, hopefully using more than one training path. We also aim to solidify our mission in the diocese as well as clarify leadership, and begin a search consultant component to our work.

Transition Ministry

Transition Ministry

Submitted by the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

Parishes in some kind of Transition in 2017:

  • All Saints’, Fulton
  • Christ Church, Clayton & St. John’s, Cape Vincent
  • Christ Church, Jordan
  • ECC (Episcopal Church at Cornell)
  • Emmanuel, Adams
  • Epiphany, Trumansburg
  • Grace, Elmira
  • Grace, Syracuse
  • Grace, Utica
  • Grace, Willowdale
  • St. David’s, DeWitt
  • St. James’, Pulaski
  • St. John’s, Ithaca
  • St. John’s, Whitesboro
  • St. Matthew’s, Liverpool
  • St. Paul’s, Chittenango
  • St. Paul’s, Owego
  • Trinity, Seneca Falls
  • Trinity, Watertown
  • Zion, Pierrepont Manor
  • Zion, Rome (Priest-in-Charge to Rector)

The travel budget for Transition Ministry includes my travel both within and outside of our diocese. In our diocese, I meet with search committees, vestries, and congregations in our diocese who are in transition. I also make Sunday visits and often serve as the guest preacher and/or celebrant.

I also travel outside of our diocese for Transition Ministry 2-3 times a year. Our diocese is a member of TMC (Transition Ministry Conference), which is a collaborative of Transition Ministers from 40 dioceses of the Episcopal Church. We gather twice a year to share names of clergy and parishes who are searching to help connect priests and parishes. We also share best practices and are a source of support and accountability to one another as colleagues.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Tory and Kristen Blum

In 2017 we had a successful skating overnight at St. Paul’s in Syracuse. Happening was held twice at Casowasco in the spring and the fall which is a retreat for high school youth. New Beginnings, a retreat for middle school youth, was also held twice in the spring and the fall at churches in our diocese. In the spring we visited St Paul’s in Owego and in the fall we visited Grace in Copenhagen. In May 2017, we had the Bishop’s Ball at St David’s in DeWitt which is a semi-formal dance for youth in grades 6-12. We had a summer picnic in July at Yaman Park in Cortland. Also in July, we had four youth accompany us to Oklahoma City for the Episcopal Youth Event (EYE).

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