This page contains Annual Reports to Convention for 2017 from various governing bodies and ministries of the Diocese.

148th Diocesan Convention (2016)

Diocesan Convention 2016 Annual Report

Submitted by Ms. Judy Fried

Our Diocesan Canons state, “there shall be an annual Convention of the Church in the Diocese of CNY” Article I.  The purpose of Convention is to elect members of the committees of the Diocese, approve the budget, receive reports from the Bishop, the Treasurer, special committees, and to hear and vote on resolutions.  Convention is a 2 day meeting held in November.  In addition to this meeting, the Secretary of Convention oversees the filing of the Parochial Reports for parishes of the Diocese, certifies Lay Delegates, calls for reports from the committees/commissions/ministries of the Diocese/, plans for the Convention registrations, budget hearings, and speakers and events to happen at Convention.

In 2016, two Conventions were held.  A Special Election Convention was held on August 6th at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, NY.  73 clerical members entitled to vote in the convention and delegations from 79 parishes were present at the opening of Convention.  Special Rules of Order for the Convention to elect the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Central New York were distributed to all delegates prior to Convention and included in Delegate folders. There were 5 candidates and each candidate had completed the same search or petition process and background checks.  Each of the candidates had been properly vetted and the Standing Committee had voted to approve these individuals as candidates for bishop-elect.  No nominations would be received from the floor.   An election occurred on Ballot #2.  A total of 72 Clergy ballots and 148 Lay ballots were cast on Ballot #2, electing The Very Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe the 11th Bishop of Central New York with 43 Cleric votes and 87 Lay votes.

The 2016 Convention theme was “Working Together”.  The 148th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Central New York was held on November 11 & 12 at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool.  There were representatives from 74 parishes and included 136 lay representatives and delegates, 3 youth delegates, and 63 clergy, and 12 Alternate Delegates.   The Rev. Christine Day, Chair of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of CNY was Chairwoman for the Convention.

The required business of Convention included the certification of Lay Delegates, introduction of clergy new to the Diocese, election of members to the Diocesan Board, Standing Committee, Disciplinary Board members, General Convention Deputies and Alternates and other Committees of the Diocese.  The budget was presented and voted on.  Convention delegates considered thirteen resolutions – each was debated and voted on.  Convention remembered in Memorial parish leaders who have died since last Convention as well as the following clergy: the Very Rev. Charles Taylor, The Rev. S. George Dirghalli, The Rev. Robert H. Beveridge, The Rev. Martha Forisha, and The Rev. J. Edward Putnam.   The Convention Eucharist Service was prepared by the Rev. Joell Szachara, with the Rev. Christine Day as the Celebrant and the Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, Preacher.   Mr. Jason Comet was the organist and Mr. Kip Coerper was the choirmaster for a choir of volunteer singers who represented parishes throughout the Diocese.  The Bishop-Elect led a conversation with members of Convention.  Bishop Juan David Alvarado was present at, and addressed, Convention.

The Convention offering was designated to Clear Path for Veterans and to the Ft. Drum Chapter of the National Association of 10th Mountain Division. The Convention Offering of $2,295 and was divided between the two groups.  Ruthie Koerts and Terri Wier coordinated the Exhibit Hall with 18 different exhibitors.

In addition to the days of Convention, there is a lot of work, pre-planning and, required Canonical reports to be filed.  Parochial Reports for each parish were due on May 1st.

Lay Delegate certificates, as required, were mailed out by the Secretary of Convention and returned by the May 31st deadline.  There were a potential of 86 parishes/chapels/mission who were entitled to have representation at Convention. All parishes were current with payments to the Church Pension Fund payments. One parish was in arrears of their mandatory portion of the Diocesan Mission apportionment, thus all parishes but one were not eligible to have representation.  Four parishes/chapels were unrepresented by choice.  Thus, there were 78 parishes represented at Convention.  Journals of the minutes of Convention were prepared and distributed to Lay Delegates and Clergy.

There were countless hours of work by a many people that made Convention a success.  Diocesan Staff were involved in mailings of registration materials and working with committees that had responsibilities at Convention.  Staff and volunteers worked to  coordinate exhibits, recruit nominations for open offices, prepare the liturgy and music,  plan for youth events, review and recommend changes to Constitution and Canons,  resolutions, budgets and finance, make arrangements with hotel for meals and lodging, copy material, enter registrations, and manual labor to transport equipment to the hotel for the meeting.  In addition, there were many individuals who had responsibility for their part in the arrangements on the day of Convention and the required events that happened before the day of Convention.

Prior to Convention there were regional meetings to discuss the proposed budget and the resolutions to be voted on at St. James’, Skaneateles, Christ Church, Binghamton, Trinity, Watertown, and Grace, Utica.



Submitted by Ms. Joan Green, Archivist

The Archives is the repository for the historical records of the Diocese. After a brief hiatus, the Rev. Jacqueline Schmitt was appointed volunteer archivist in November 2015. She was assisted by Joan Green. The archives prepares records of closed parishes, ministries, commissions,etc. for archival storage and answers queries from individuals, parishes, office staff and other Dioceses. The funding we receive is used for supplies, postage, membership in professional organization and parking fees. We attended a workshop in March 2017 presented by the Documentary Heritage & Preservation Services for New York-DH PSNY- titled, “Essential Policies and Procedures for Cultural Institutions”. We also received a grant from the Central New York Library Resources Council-CLRC. The grant will enable us to begin scanning and digitizing the early issues of the Gospel Messenger. This project will begin in July of 2017.

In 2018, we will submit a proposal for an additional grant to assist us in completing the Gospel Messenger project. The Rev. Schmitt departed as Archivist in March 2017 to take a clergy position in our Diocese. Joan Green became the volunteer archivist in April 2017. The main focus of 2017 has been in preparing the archives for the move to our new location. We will be located in a new suite of the Diocesan offices. This will take place in late June 2017. The new location should be beneficial to the archivist as well as the staff of the office of the Bishop. Moving to this site will also eliminate the need for funds for parking.

Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry

Submitted by the Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew

The funds received by the Commission on Ministry in 2017 were used primarily for professional fees associated with discernment and ordination processes, including psychological evaluations, background checks, and General Ordination Examinations.  A modest amount covered the expenses of a gathering for Discernment Center Teams.  A small request is being made for a new gathering of the Commission on Ministry with the current Persons in Process.


Diocesan Communications

Submitted by Ms. Meredith Kadet Sanderson

Under the oversight of the Director of Communications, the diocesan communications ministry shares the Good News of Jesus Christ in Central New York through a comprehensive communications and public relations plan.

Significant accomplishments in the years 2016 & 2017 include (through May 2017):

  • Generate significant positive churchwide and local media coverage/buzz about the Episcopal Churches of CNY and new bishop;
  • Expand diocesan communications including blog with feature stories and regular video updates from bishop;
  • Launch mobile-responsive website;
  • Promote parish activities around key holidays/events (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday) in cost-effective manner through social media & website;
  • Provided one-on-one consultation and support to parish leaders on strategic use of social media, websites, etc.
Companion Diocese Committee

Companion Diocese Committee

Submitted by the Rev. Deacon Dr. Charles Stewart

This diocesan committee continues to learn about, live, work and pray with our sisters and brothers in El Salvador, and most especially among the members of Iglesia Episcopal Anglicana de El Salvador (IAES).  Hundreds of the parishioners in IAES have met some of the pilgrims from Central New York. In addition to the Mission of Miracles, more than ninety people have experienced life in the churches, in the countryside, and in the street of El Salvador in the past twelve years – some several times. Likewise, Central New York has received returning missionaries and Salvadoran clergy in close to a dozen parishes and at our convention. The message of changed lives is carried to our parishes by returning parish members, by sermons,  through Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly by personal testimony.

All are invited to be part of the ministry.  We encourage all persons and parishes, most importantly, to pray the Prayer Cycle for the Companion Diocese, published on the Diocesan web site, on Facebook and in brochures available at convention.  Those who are able are invited to join a pilgrimage or mission trip.  The gospel is spread by serving the poor and marginalized, but more so by openly demonstrating the need and offering opportunities.  All ages and abilities can participate, bless and be blessed.

We believe we act on all five of the Marks of Mission:

  • Proclaim the good news:  God loves – perhaps especially – those at the margins.  We go.  We support them.  We love each other.
  • Teach, baptize and nurture:  Joining in worship, opening the world to our own youth.  Vacation Bible School (Escuela Biblia) in parishes we visit
  • Respond to human needs:  Mission of Miracles, Habitat missions, Scholarships
  • Transform unjust structures:  Forced Internal Displacement, Forced Migration and Community Development (Cristosal), LGBTQ support groups, Refugee support
  • Integrity of Creation:  Community gardens (Cristosal, El Maizal, Izalco)

Specific results in 2016/2017

  • Received The Rt. Rev. Juan David Alvarado at our diocesan convention and hosted him at Christ Church, Manlius, where he preached the day after convention
  • Received The Rt. Rev. Juan David Alvarado at the consecration of Bishop DeDe and hosted him at St. James’, Skaneateles, where he preached on Sunday
  • Sponsored a Habitat for Humanity build in Sonsonate, led by Kip Coerper, in May 2017.
  • Ninth Youth Pilgrimage (eight participants) in July 2017
  • Served as Deacon at Convention Eucharist at San Juan Evangelista, San Salvador, and twice at Santisima Trinidad, San Martin, in June 2017, including their Patronal Day
  • Provided financial support to Peace and Reconciliation Conference led and organized by the Diocese of El Salvador
  • Provided funds for needed medical care for one of the priests
  • Received Maura Brizuela, member of the Junta Directiva (vestry) at Santisma Trinidad, San Martin at the ordination of Chuck Stewart, where she served as a Lay Eucharistic Minister in June 2016
  • Continued support, integration and involvement with Foundation Cristosal
  • Support for partial scholarships for university students
  • Conveyed greetings, love and support from Bishop DeDe at 2017 Diocesan Convention and from Bishop Skip at 2016 Diocesan Convention
  • Compose Prayer Cycle for the Companion Diocese and publicize weekly on diocesan web page, Facebook and Twitter
  • Supported continuation of the covenant between TEC and IARCA through membership on Covenant Committee. Participated in joint meeting of TEC/IARCA Covenant Committee in Guatemala in April 2016.
Continuing Education of Clergy

Continuing Education for Clergy Report

Submitted by the Rev. Clark R. West

This budget area supports three events as continuing education for our clergy:  a Clergy Day during the January Epiphany season, a Clergy Quiet Day in preparation for Holy Week, and a two-day Clergy Conference in the autumn.

2017 was a transitional year with our new bishop.

Diocesan Board (Financial)

Diocesan Board (Financial)

Submitted by Ms. Cathy Hobart, Controller

Accruals:  Accruals for Lambeth which is held every ten years, Episcopal Youth Event and the Bishop’s sabbatical and General Convention.  It has been more than 10 years since the last Lambeth Conference was held.  The Next Bishop Search funds previously accrued were consumed in 2015 and 2016 as the Diocese transitioned to a new Bishop with the retirement of Bishop Adams in 2016.  Episcopal Youth Event occurs every three years.  The last event was in 2014 and the next one will be in 2017.  General Convention occurs every three years.   The last General Convention was in 2015 in Utah.  The next General Convention will be in 2018.  A contingent of delegates (10 people) plus the Triennial representatives (3 or 4 people) and the Bishop attend.

Closed Parish properties:  Costs of maintaining several closed parish properties – St. Thomas’, North Syracuse, Christ Church, Wellsburg, Christ Church, Sackets Harbor, St. John’s, Elmira Heights, All Saints’, Utica, All properties have been or will be listed for sale.  North Syracuse, Wellsburg and Elmira Heights properties were sold in 2016 and early 2017.  The properties are vacant at this time.

Pass Through Expenses:  Pass through funds from Bishop’s Visitations, annual solicitation for Contributor’s Fund and payment from Church Insurance for Risk Management Program.  Funds expended come from outside sources.

Block Grants:  1 Block Grants were awarded in 2016:  North Country Episcopal Convocation $1,426.   The budget was $7,500.00.

MDG’s:  Six matching grants were made in 2016 for a total of $8,187.30 to three parishes and one grant was given to the Partnership Program/Diocese of Haiti:  St. Paul’s, Syracuse (3), Grace, Utica, and St. David’s, Barneveld.  The grants are awarded by the Global Mission Committee.

Episcopal Church Assessment: National Church Assessment based on 16.5% of the 2015 Diocesan income from the annual Diocesan report, net of an $150,000 exclusion for having a Bishop.  The assessment funds the budget of The Episcopal Church, which was adopted by General Convention in July 2015.  The Budget for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018 is $125,012,351.  Funding policy for the period is adopted based on a single asking of the dioceses.  After a $150,000 exemption from total income, a single asking shall be applied as follows:  2016 – 18%, 2017 – 16.5% and 2018 – 15% of the balance of income to the diocese, reported in the diocesan financial statements for the year two years prior to the year in which the pledge is applied.

Parish Mission Commitments:  Parish Mission Commitments is the payment of earnings from endowments restricted for those specified parishes.  During 2016, payments were made quarterly to 35 parishes for a total of $ 99,935.  There is also a restricted fund that the proceeds are distributed between two parishes and a cemetery at the donor’s request included in the above numbers.   The funds are all held in UIF – Long Term Fund.

Retiree Benefits:  Health insurance and life insurance costs for lay retirees from Diocesan staff.  Also, health insurance costs for retired clergy spouses under age 65.  These costs are paid in full by the covered individual.  Actuarial study of retiree benefits required for annual audit.  Once a year lunch gathering for retired clergy.  Cost for this lunch is fully covered by restricted endowment.

Seminarian Scholarships:  COM Ordination for Ministry Team awards scholarships.  In 2016, 2 scholarships totaling $16,655 was given to two students at Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School.

Bishop Search (Standing Committee):  The process of searching for the 11th Bishop began in 2015 and concluded with the consecration of The Rt. Rev. DeDe Duncan-Probe in December 2016.  $9,575 was spent for expenses of the Search Committee and work with a consultant in 2015 and $103,274 was spent in 2016 for the balance of the Search Committee’s work and the Transition Committee’s work including the electing Convention and the Consecration. Funds previously budgeted for accruals for Next Bishop Search and Sabbatical in 2015 were used towards these costs.

Stewardship:  In 2016, the annual diocesan membership (allowing every parish access to TENS support) was $1,250.00.

Unincorporated Parish Properties:  Property maintenance and insurance expenses related to several unincorporated properties including Paris Hill.  Paris Hill expenses are covered by restricted endowment funds.

UTO:  A grant to the national UTO was made from the balance of the restricted endowment earnings for the year of $5,888.

Ministry Support:  This budget included lay employee compensation and benefits.  Also, the costs of maintaining and operating the Diocesan offices, including rent, supplies, equipment, phone and internet, insurance, meeting expenses, postage, travel and training for staff, dues and fees, uncollectible assessments, depreciation, professional services, audit, legal, and audit scholarships.  Two legacy grants were awarded to 2 parishes.  The total of these grants was $7,200.00.

In August 2016, the part-time (13 hours/month) Youth Ministry Coordinator resigned her position. The Board temporarily increased the Communications Specialist to 30 hours/week (she was 20 hours/week) from June through December 2016 to meet the added needs of the Bishop Search and Transition.

Discernment for Ministry

Discernment for Ministry

Submitted by the Rev. Toppie Bates, Chair

The construct of this branch of the COM is unique inasmuch as there is a chair working with the facilitators of the Diocesan Discernment Centers, numbering four total.

There have been no formal events, activities, or programs this year. There are thoughts and ideas for this to change in the coming year. I have met with each of the centers’ facilitators who have expressed an interest in meeting with each other and with the Bishop.

This past year we have experienced a continuing interest in pursuing discernment.

Presently we have 11 at various stages of the initial discernment process plus one with an appointment to begin. Three are engaged with a Discernment Team. Four have moved from Discernment for Ministry to Ordination for Ministry.

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Submitted by Ms. Peg Coleman, Coordinator

The $5,200 budget approved for the Education for Ministry (EfM) program in 2016/2017 was allocated as follows: 1) to continue our role as a longtime sponsoring diocese ($2,500 annual fee paid to The University of the South, Sewanee, TN); 2) to cover costs for three events (~$1,500 for a graduation/reunion with the Bishop, five or more registrations to engage convention participants in discussions about the EfM program and displayed texts, and an Advent Quiet Day); and 3) to support a mentor training and provide scholarship support for mentors and participants (~$1,000).

These expenditures touch many lives in DCNY beyond the 32 participants and 8 mentors active during this time period. More than 250 people from DCNY parishes completed all four years of the EfM program since the 1980s. Because DCNY is a sponsoring diocese of the EfM program, DCNY participants pay a reduced fee ($350 per person) to Sewanee to cover costs of text books and other resources each year. Mentors and participants build an excellent theological library over the four years of the EfM program. Partial scholarship support was provided to five participants and two mentors from their parishes and DCNY during this period.

Significant personal financial investments were also made by the 32 participants (total of ~$10,000). The 8 mentors personally invested a total of ~$2,000 to maintain their required annual certification. In addition, participants and mentors invested their time and energy to read, study, and reflect in preparation for 36 weekly group meetings over the year.

The value of these investments to the diocese is in equipping us for our journeys, individually and communally, so that we may serve faithfully in DCNY in times of joy and sadness and frustrations, amidst all the difficulties and distractions and sufferings of life as a Christian community in our holy and broken world.

Ephphatha (Deaf Ministry)

Ephphatha (Deaf Ministry)

Submitted by the Very Rev. Peter Williams

The budget allows for a ¼ time vicar for the Deaf community. Most of our expenses are for support of the vicar, travel reimbursement, and for sign language interpreters as needed.

We also have a modest budget for office supplies.

In the past year, the priest has visited Deaf people in their homes, in nursing homes and hospitals. He has sent out a newsletter to the Deaf community several times, led group worship (in Liverpool and Brownville) on a monthly basis.

There were also 2 funerals of members of our Deaf church community since the summer of 2016.

We currently have 5 members in nursing homes or assisted living centers,

Several others who are not easily able to travel from their residences benefit from home visits, and at least a dozen regularly attending our worship groups.

All of the above requires regular travel to Owego, Endicott, Binghamton, Chittenango, Minoa, Liverpool, Brownville, and Syracuse.

We arranged for Bishop Dede Duncan-Probe to celebrate the Eucharist with the Deaf community in May, and share a discussion about the future of our church wither over lunch.

Father Williams is one of very few clergy who know sign language in our region, and he is occasionally asked to lead an invocation for social events in the Deaf community.

Our ministry impacts the lives of 30 or so Deaf people who are connected with Ephphatha, plus many more in the wider Deaf community in Central NY.

Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN)

Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN)

Submitted by Ms. Deborah Nettle, Diocesan Liaison

The Episcopal Fund for Human Needs (EFHN) continues to function as a means of helping people in the diocese who have a sudden, unexpected and urgent financial need.  These people may or may not be Episcopalians.  The majority of urgent needs are to those who have lost jobs but need to keep up with their mortgage/rent payments, utility payments, medical expenses, and so forth.  With a few unsolicited contributions from dedicated individuals, we have been able to keep up with the demand. Donations are always welcome. Total grants given in 2016: $7,094.23.

Members:  Mr. Bill Branson, Chair; Ms. Mary Bradly and Mr. Jim Miller

Support Staff:  Mrs. Beverly Bolton and Ms. Debbie Nettle

Please visit to find out more about EFHN or by calling the Diocesan office at (315) 474-6596 and speak to Ms. Debbie Nettle.

Additional Board members are needed, if interested, contact Ms. Nettle.

Global Mission

Global Mission

Submitted by Ms. Pat Kinney

Global Missions funds were spent as matching funds for international projects and mission work that parishes supported through their own fund raising.  The committee approved matching grants for projects as diverse as supporting health clinics in third world countries, new homes as part of International Habitat for Humanity, helping to build wells in Africa and the Caribbean, supporting the work of a school in Haiti, helping to purchase a vehicle to assist with ministry in Haiti, and providing support for Cristosol and the John Dau Foundation.  Attendance at the GEMN conference by members of the Global Missions committee members develops a clearer vision for the ministry of our committee. We develop associations with like-minded, but more experienced people throughout the GEMN organization by attending this conference.  Additionally, the CNY Episcopal Diocese develops and maintains relationships with this vital organization in serving the poorest of our world.

Mission of Miracles

Mission of Miracles, medical outreach program to El Salvador

Submitted by Mr. Jim O’Neill

The Mission of Miracles (MoM) program is extremely grateful for funds received from the Diocesan budget. The funds are used toward operating costs including a stipend for a local dentist, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals to supplement the Episcopal Relief & Development health program of the diocese of El Salvador.

In February 2017, the Mission of Miracles program completed its 14th mission in El Salvador!  A team of nearly 50 people from Central New York and El Salvador (30 from Central New York) served over 1,000 villagers. We joined our varied skills and talents: driving buses and trucks, speaking Spanish, medical, nursing, playing with children, engineering, electrical, organizational, dental, nutrition, and pharmaceutical into one body which moved daily into rural communities in El Salvador. In addition to medical and dental treatments, we offered public health teaching in hygiene, nutritional counseling, and EKG’s.

Thank you for collecting pill bottles, donating medicine, flip flops, toothbrushes, and for the immense financial support.

Training and Resources

Training and Resources Ministry Team

Submitted by the Rev. Kathy Corley, Team Leader

Team Members:
The Rev. Kathy Corley, Team Leader
Ms. Ruthie Koerts
Ms. Hope VanScoy
Mr. Richard VanScoy
Ms. Terri Weir
Ms. Kathy Dengler, Bishop’s Liaison to the Team

Since our last report to Convention, the Training and Resources Team of the Commission on Ministry has held a Vestry Day and  continues offer training opportunities for various Licensed Ministry Leaders.

Vestry Day

At the Doubletree in East Syracuse

We were 96 people from 44 parishes around the diocese who heard presentations from Bishop DeDe and her new Canons in the morning, along with a presentation on Human Resource issues for churches given by Ms. Cynthia Curtin, Esq.   In the afternoon, workshops were offered on Church Pension Fund changes, Strengthening the Congregation, and Stewardship.  Feedback on the event was positive – it was an event full of hope and encouragement.

Lay Preaching Program

The Lay Preaching Program is now in its fourth year in the Diocese of Central New York.  Now coordinated by The Rev. Bridget McManus, the students meet for two years: four times a year with weekly homework and assignments between each class.  There are seven current students and we added for seven new students in 2017.

We’re grateful for the students in the program who are steadfast in their work of becoming good preachers.  We are also grateful for the clergy who serve as their mentors and those who join to offer ‘Master Classes.’

Transition Consultants

Transition Consultants

Submitted by the Rev. Holly K. Eden

We have used our resources to help parishes in transition. Specifically, we provide scholarships for parishes to obtain the services of a consultant during transitional periods. The consult works with the parish to help them work through the transitional process to better understand themselves, their history and their ministries. That being done, the parish considers the future, to discern what God’s mission is for them and as a result to formulate goals for their ongoing ministries. In this process, if appropriate, the parish decides what kind of clerical support and ministry is needed. If this consultation results in a search process, the consultant will help them with the necessary documents and profile forms. It is our hope that parishes engaging in this process will come away with a better understanding of themselves as a community of faith and their call to serve God in the Episcopal tradition.

Other parts of the budget are used for ongoing consultants education both training outside the Diocese and within our group. Also, we offer scholarship assistance for training and certifying new members to this group. Upon completion of this training we expect new consultants to work with our group and serve the Diocese and parishes in transition. We currently have eight trained consultants and we work closely with the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, Canon for Transitions and Church Development. This is a demanding, challenging and rewarding ministry, and one that each of us takes very seriously and joyfully.

Transition Ministry

Transition Ministry

Submitted by the Rev. Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent

The Transition/Deployment ministry budget for 2017 went to fund: Meetings and Activities: meeting with clergy and wardens, mostly. Travel and Training (2 Transition ministry conferences per year), Travel to churches in the diocese, Dues and Fees for the Transition Ministry Conference to which our diocese belongs, background checks, and Dayspring lunch with the Bishop.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Tory and Kristen Blum

In 2016, Happening and New Beginnings were both held in the spring and the fall. We had our first winter skating overnight and our second summer youth picnic. Happening was held at Vandercamp in Cleveland in the spring and then was at Casowasco in Moravia in the fall. New Beginnings was held at Zion in Greene in the spring and at Grace in Baldwinsville in the fall. Our skating over night was at St. Paul’s in Syracuse where we walked to Clinton Square to ice skate. The summer picnic was held at Jamesville Beach State Park.

So far for 2017, we’ve had another successful skating overnight at St. Paul’s in Syracuse. Happening was held at Casowasco and New Beginnings was held at St. Paul’s in Owego. We also had the Bishop’s Ball in May at St. David’s in DeWitt. We will be having our summer picnic in July at Yaman Park in Cortland. Both Happening and New Beginnings will have retreat weekends in the fall.

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