Joy to the World!

Congregations of the Diocese of Central New York may use this video in online/hybrid Christmas services.

Video on YouTube:

Direct Download:

Thank you: 

Choristers & Musicians:

Andrew Allport, St. Mark’s Church, Chenango Bridge
Doug Avery, Trinity Church, Seneca Falls
Nell Bartkowiak, Christ Church, Manlius
Karen Barto, Trinity Church, Seneca Falls
Averell, Tina, Chamberlain and Nathaniel Bauder, Christ Church, Willard
Martha Bennett, Trinity Memorial Church, Binghamton
Edris Boyll-Kuzia, Trinity Memorial Church, Binghamton
Gary and Levi, The River Parishes
Sharon Campbell,  Christ Church, Clayton
Kip Coerper,  St. James’ Church, Skaneateles
Katherine Collett, St. James’ Church, Clinton
Colette Coppola, St. John’s Church, Oneida
Lily Corathers, Christ Church, Herkimer
Peg Corbett, Zion Church, Rome
Barbara Crowle, Trinity Memorial Church, Binghamton
Christine Day, All Saints’, Johnson City
Paul Frolick, St. Matthew’s Church, Liverpool
Lauren Gagnon, St. Mark’s Church, Chenango Bridge
Ellie Hadity, Grace Church, Utica
John Helgren, St. James’ Church, Skaneateles
Meredith Kadet Sanderson, St. Matthew’s Church, Liverpool
Greg Keeler, Trinity Memorial Church, Binghamton
Michael Larkin, St. James’ Church, Skaneateles
Debbie Miller, St. Matthew’s Church, Liverpool
Erin Moore, St. John’s Church, Marcellus
Jane Padron, Zion Church, Rome
Judith Reilly, Sacred Heart/St. Mary’s, Utica
Carrie Schofield-Broadbent
Lisa Semenza. Ss. Peter & John, Auburn
Gale Smith, St. John’s Church, Oneida
Nancy Smith, St. Paul’s Church, Owego
Bill Snyder, Christ Church, Binghamton
Christine Stirling, Christ Church, Clayton
Jennifer Swinney, Zion Church, Rome
Faith White, St. Mark’s Church, Chenango Bridge
Janet Wilson, St. James’ Church, Clinton

Production Team:

Kip Coerper, organist
Jason Comet, producer & editor
Meredith Kadet Sanderson, coordinator
Erin Moore, instructor


Musicians from every part of the Diocese of Central New York—including you—will come together virtually to celebrate Christmas with a rousing “Joy to the World!” The finished recording will be available on YouTube or as a file download to any parish of the Diocese for use in online services during the Christmas season.

Submissions must be received by Sunday, December 13th. Please review the instructions below carefully. Thank you and enjoy recording!

Special thanks to: Jason Comet (production), Kip Coerper (arrangement and instrumentation), and Erin Moore (instructions). 


Please watch the instruction video above before you begin.

  • Use two devices (one to record yourself, one to listen to the accompaniment track).
  • Wear headphones to listen to the accompaniment track
  • Choose a blank, light background if possible
  • Wear red, green, or black
  • Press record before you press play for the accompaniment
  • Look up and smile, make “eye contact” with the camera lens
  • Unison verse 1 and 4, parts on verse 2 (no verse 3)
  • Tenors: last note is a G, not F#

Need help? Please email and we’ll connect you with a member of our Virtual Choir Team to walk you through the process.

Music: The Hymnal 1982, #100, verses 1, 2, and 4 only. If you don’t have a hymnal, music and lyrics are available free at

View your accompaniment track: 

Choose your part below.

Instrumentalists, please play the melody on the first and last verse. 

Using headphones, begin YOUR camera recording BEFORE beginning this video playback. The organ will play a full verse of introduction before you come in. Do not edit your recording–upload it raw to this Dropbox link. Thank you and enjoy recording!





Upload my recording(s)

Submissions must be received by Sunday, December 13th.

Please upload your unedited recording to: And please send your full name and your parish and city/town to so we can include you in the credits!

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