The Transition Consultant Ministry provides assistance to congregations in the Diocese during periods of clergy/leadership transition, when those congregations cannot afford or are not able to use intentional interim clergy.

Diocesan Transition Consultants, certified by the Interim Ministry Network, work with congregations on five tasks:

  • Coming to terms with history;
  • Discovering a new identity;
  • Leadership changes during the interim period;
  • Renewing denominational relationships;
  • Commitment to new directions in ministry.

Many congregations in the Diocese are in transitional situations that demand we function in new ways. These demands come not only with the departure of clergy, but are also due to new financial realities, changes in our communities, conflicts, and other events.

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Staff Contact: The Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, Canon for Transition and Church Development

office: (315) 474-6596 x129e-mail

A list of current Transition Consultants is here.

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