A Word of Thanks from Bishop Skip and Bonnie Adams

Dear People of Central New York,

Bonnie and I were deeply touched by the outpouring of love you showered upon us at the recent farewell celebration. Talk about total immersion! It was great to be among you one more time as bishop and people to worship, share stories, laugh and cry together, and to remember, in the fullest sense, the ministry we have shared in Christ’s Name.

I could not have chosen a more wonderful send off and will always be grateful for all of those who made the day possible and did the leg work to pull it together. The celebration of relationships built over the years was a seven course meal, but you then graced us with amazing gifts that were thoughtful, beautiful, generous and inspiring. We are forever grateful. Please know that our hearts are full and that we will never forget the fifteen years with which God graced us.

It is going to be exciting for us to watch what will yet unfold in your life as a diocese particularly with the leadership you have chosen in Bishop-elect Duncan-Probe. Know of our deep affection and ask your prayers for us as we continue to hold all of you in our prayer.

Love and blessings to all,

Bishop Skip and Bonnie

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