“Together we are God’s church.” – A Message from Bishop DeDe

April 26 Update: Many folks have questions about this announcement! If, after reading Bishop DeDe’s pastoral letter, you still have questions, check out our PB FAQ page

Image Description: Bishop DeDe stands behind an altar with a red frontal wearing a red chasuble and stole. She's smiling as she looks toward the camera. The bottom of the image reads "A message from Bishop DeDe," with the seal of the diocese.Dear People of Central New York,

I am writing to share news about my ongoing discernment and invite you to pray with me.  As you may have read, I am on the slate as a nominee to be the next presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church. Since last year I have prayed deeply, sought wise counsel, and participated in each stage of the search process, including the final discernment retreat which was held in mid-March. When my name was not included in the initial announcement on April 2, colleagues petitioned and I have been added to the slate as a nominee. 

As you well know, discernment is not linear, and my sincere hope is that we will all work together to support and encourage one another on this journey. Please be assured that this diocese’s ministry is vibrant and not slowing down! I am proud of our shared ministry. We are resilient, faithful, and joyful people who understand the blessing and responsibility of communal life. We are committed to growing in our faith, and our dedication to ministry is inspiring. Together we have built a diocesan system that is healthy and robust, capable of facing challenges and remaining unified in our commitment to God and one another. 

The staff, leaders of our diocese and I are focused and fully committed to our diocesan ministries. We are actively discerning transitions for our parishes and planning and implementing programming that will allow us to continue to realize our vision of a “World Healed by Love” and our mission of “Learning to love God, One another, and all God’s creation.”

My deepest desire is to serve God, to share in ministry with all God’s people, and to proclaim Jesus.  My sense of call to this process has been nurtured by my love for Central New York and our shared ministry. Building sustainable systems that empower ministry is central to my call; I believe that God is calling our church to not only proclaim the redeeming love of Jesus but to incarnationally live this proclamation in how we minister together. In our diocese, we do not agree on every issue, but we are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and are united in a shared purpose. Together we are God’s Church, a tapestry of beloved people called to this good work of transformation in love. 

I ask your prayers for our diocesan staff and leaders and for one another as we journey together. I also ask your prayers for me and my family as well as for +Scott, +Daniel, +Sean, and +Rob. Let us pray for our diocese’s elected deputies who will represent us at The General Convention in June, as well as the whole of The Episcopal Church as together we seek to make important decisions about our local and global ministry.

The prophet Micah’s question continues to compel us:


 “He has told you, O mortal, what is good,

    and what does the Lord require of you

but to do justice and to love kindness

    and to walk humbly with your God?



+Bishop DeDe Signature

+Bishop DeDe

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  • Christine Scott

    Congratulations Bishop DeDe on your nomination by petition. Prayers for you, your diocese, our Episcopal Church and upcoming convention in Kentucky in June.

    Christine Scott

  • John G.

    Congratulations on your nomination Bishop Dede! We are all praying for you in your discernment and for your family!

  • Laura

    As it should be, congratulations and may the force be with you!!❤️👍🙏

  • Susan Sikorski

    Congratulations! I am overjoyed that you have been nominated and pray that you will be elected.

  • Kelly Casey

    I could not be more excited to see your name among the field of candidates. May God bless you and your family and your Diocese. Come Holy Spirit Come!!!!

  • Doris McLallen

    The Holy Spirit at work! Woderful news! ULTREYA!!

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