Update from Bishop DeDe: Diocesan Office Renovations

image above: Kathy Dengler of the diocesan staff reviews construction plans.

Dear People of Central New York,

Already in our first few months of working together, our diocese has grown to better support our parishes and ministries by welcoming new members to our diocesan staff. I am now delighted to share with you that we are expanding and reconfiguring the diocesan office space at 1020 7th North Street to accommodate our developing ministries. This investment of our resources is part of equipping our diocesan community to respond faithfully to what God is doing among us here in Central New York.

The Diocesan Board has approved a plan for the diocesan office space that includes the following elements:

  • We will renew the lease on our current office suite and lease an additional suite of offices in the same building, at the same cost-per-square-foot arrangement for ten years;
  • We will expand conference space and create two additional office spaces for new staff members working on-site;
  • We will relocate the diocesan archives, currently housed off-site in rented space, to the diocesan office, improving access to these important records.

In keeping with our Board’s careful stewardship of the resources you have entrusted to the Diocese, this project will be funded from existing cash reserves designated for upkeep of diocesan property.

Construction has begun this week (photos are below) and should be completed by early May. During this time, the diocesan staff will continue to serve without interruption, though some committee meetings will be held off-site until the new conference area is completed.

Please look for your invitation to a celebratory open house and office blessing when this project concludes. The diocesan office space is an asset for everyone in our diocesan community. If you have comments or questions about this project, I encourage you to share them with me or any member of the diocesan staff.

I am grateful for your continued support and engagement in this time of change and new beginnings. Know that you remain in my heart and in my prayers.





The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe
Bishop of Central New York

image description: A large suburban office room is in a state of disarray mid-demolition. Portions of the ceiling are missing and debris is scattered across the floor. Sunlight streams in through a wall of windows.

Demolition makes way for a new conference space.

image description: A man in jeans and a white t-shirt stands in a partially demolished office, working on a steel beam with a small hand tool.

Joe, a member of the construction crew, is hard at work beginning at 7 a.m. each day.

image description: A random assortment of filing cabinets, boxes, lamps and other office items fills empty space in a small conference room. On the conference table, a sign reads "Room of Requirement."

The small conference room in the diocesan office currently doubles as a temporary storage space—or “Room of Requirement” for Harry Potter fans.

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