Diocesan Board Issues Revised 2017 Budget

Dear People of Central New York,

With your generous support and encouragement, our diocese has grown and changed in this first quarter of 2017. Our diocesan staff has expanded and our offices have been renovated to accommodate our newest ministers. Ministry is flourishing in Central New York, and I expect you will see continued positive effects in the months ahead. On any given Sunday and throughout the week, our diocesan canons John and Carrie are visiting parishes, learning from your experiences and offering support with your transitions and challenges.  Our diocesan youth ministry coordinators, Tory and Kristen, have organized three events for youth to date and are looking ahead to the Bishop’s Ball and the nationwide Episcopal Youth Event in Oklahoma. And our entire diocesan staff is working diligently and faithfully to support your ministries, whether planning June’s upcoming Vestry Day or helping to share your most inspiring stories.

Of course, all of these positive changes require an investment of resources, and in the interest of transparency, our Diocesan Board has approved and issued a revised budget for 2017. This document, available for download on the diocesan website ( Revised Diocesan Budget 2017), reflects the decisions made by our Board as faithful stewards of diocesan assets. As you will see, funding for our expanding ministries came from existing cash reserves and designated funds as well as reduction of other expenses wherever possible. I encourage you to review the revised budget, and to share your comments or questions with me or to John Crosswaite, Canon to the Ordinary. Your understanding of this document will contribute to the process of preparing a balanced budget for ambitious ministry in 2018.

I remain grateful for the time, treasure and talent that all members of this diocese contribute so that our shared ministry may flourish. I have great faith that together we will continue to grow in our capacity and desire to share Christ’s love with our neighbors. Thank you, and know that you are all constantly in my prayers.





The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe
Bishop of Central New York

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