Faith Leaders Pray for Separated Migrant Families

On June 21st, Episcopal churches across the country opened their doors and invited people to pray for the thousands of immigrant children that have been separated from their families. Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe, along with Bishop Prince Singh of the Diocese of Rochester, hosted a service at Christ Episcopal Church in Manlius where nearly 100 church-goers prayed for the swift return of lost children to their desperate families.

Bishop Singh said later in an interview, “Whether it happens at our border, the Texas/Mexico border, or anywhere else in our vicinity, in the neighborhood, we need to come together and say this is not right, because it is immoral.”

News coverage of the event was provided by Spectrum News and News Channel 9.

Visit families to view the worship bulletin and see prayers and actions you can take to support separated families.

Bishop Prince Singh stands at the pulpit, arms raised, preaching to the congregation

Bishop Prince Singh of Rochester preaches at the Prayer for Separated Families.

Gathered people of faith bow their heads in prayer

Almost 100 people of faith bow their heads in prayer for separated immigrant families.

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