“The resurrection always comes.” A message for Easter 2019 from Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe.

Watch above: Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York encourages us to continue our Lenten journey into the Easter season.


Dear friends, Happy Easter!

I hope that this time of resurrection is something that is informing all of your life. It’s tempting, isn’t it, to finish Lent and think, “Good, now that is done. We can get back to normal.”

But in fact our Christian faith is calling us always forward on a pilgrimage. What is true will still be true tomorrow—true in new ways in our lives. Each place we go and each day is a new beginning: to live our faith. To be people who have known God at the deepest core of our being, and to share that love with the world.

This resurrection is a time to think about what it is we’re doing as people of God: the Way of Love, the Way of Jesus. All of life is shaped much like the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We journey; we come to those moments where we’re called to sacrifice for others. And there are those dark nights of the soul, where we wonder where life is.

But like the buds underneath the ground that have been dormant through winter: they begin to spring up when the resurrection comes. And the resurrection always comes.

The message of Jesus is hope for our world.

So wherever you are on life’s journey, I pray that your Easter will be a time of true resurrection for you; that the resurrection of Jesus will inform your choices, and that your words, and actions, and lives will be immersed and empowered by a love that never dies, but is new every morning.

Blessings to you as you continue your pilgrimage!

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