“On the Way of Love:” Our 151st Diocesan Convention in 10 photos

Featured image above: Youth delegates to the 151st Convention hold cards with their responses to the draft diocesan vision statement, mission statement, and rule of life. Learn more about “CNY’s Way of Love” and share your feedback on the draft>

The Diocese of Central New York held its 151st annual Convention in Liverpool, New York on November 8th and 9th, 2019. Here’s a few photos that capture some of the highlights of our gathering. Many more photos are available in this album on our Facebook page. What was your favorite moment? Tell us in the comments!

Here to celebrate: By resolution, the 151st Convention recognized Diangdit Chapel, a congregation rooted in Syracuse’s South Sudanese refugee community, as a Mission Chapel of the Diocese of Central New York. Members of all ages attended Convention to celebrate the occasion.

Be bold! The Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin (rector, Trinity Episcopal Church in Watertown) and Mr. Michael Hardin share how they’re inspired by CNY’s Way of Love, our draft diocesan vision, mission, and rule of life. (Photo by Jim Corl) See dozens more responses from our Convention photobooth on Facebook (no account required)>

Lift up your hearts: The entire convention took place within a two-day service of Holy Eucharist, reminding delegates that the business of the church is our offering to God and the world. Photo of celebrant and presider Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe by Sue Cenci.

Relax! Delegates were seen tossing beach balls around the Convention hall throughout the two-day gathering—reflecting a spirit of fun and relaxation in the midst of the journey of shared ministry.

Digital voting: By eliminating worship bulletins in favor of screens, and implementing other paperless measures, the Diocese saved over 14,000 sheets of paper and nearly $1,000. Delegates also helped conduct a successful test of online voting procedures, which will eliminate the need to print (and count!) paper ballots at the 152nd Convention in 2020. Here, the Rev. Dr. Leon Mozeliak and Ms. Judy Bell-Olmstead of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chittenango help one another with the digital voting test. Photo by Sue Cenci.

Offering ourselves:Each district of the Diocese brought a thoughtful gift symbolic of their people, communities, and ministries. Here, Convention Secretary the Rev. John Martinichio carries the offering of the Oswego-Northern Onondaga District to the altar.

In the offering taken up Saturday, Saturday raised $3,401.75 toward the purchase of a van for our Companion Diocese of El Salvador. The van will be used for diocesan ministries in El Salvador, including youth events and transportation during the annual Mission of Miracles medical campaign.

Have you witnessed a miracle? That was one of the twenty questions Dr. Lisa Kimball (of Virginia Theological Seminary) asked delegates to answer with “yes” or “no” to start a rich conversation about the seven practices of the Way of Love. Check back soon for a link to a video of Dr. Kimball’s two addresses to Convention.

What are your pronouns? Delegates had the option to add stickers to their nametags this year, letting others know the pronouns they use. Volunteers like delegate Katelynn Roffo of St. James’, Skaneateles were available to help others understand the new practice. Photo by Jim Corl.

God’s Peace: Convention’s conversations and common prayer start new relationships and reunite old friends. Many delegates tell us that these connections are the most important part of Convention. So it’s no surprise that the passing of the peace is enthusiastic and lengthy!

Thanking Canon John: Our beloved “contemplative Canon,” the Rev. Canon John Crosswaite, enters into a new phase of semi-retired ministry at the end of this year. By resolution, Convention delegates thanked Canon John for his ministry as Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of Central New York. “Where have we seen God?” “In you, John, in you!” Photo by Sue Cenci.

All are welcome to a diocese-wide celebratory luncheon for Canon John on Monday, Dec. 16th>

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