Coffee and Prayers with(out) the Bishop

The left side of the image has a purple background and, in white, reads, "Coffee & Prayers | with the Bishop | Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. EDT | Then, somewhat cheekily, in a font that resembles handwriting with a permanent marker in light purple, there's a "^out" above the word "with" so that it *actually* reads "Coffee & Prayers | withOUT the Bishop." The left side purple background ends with a wavy line to reveal a really lovely cup of coffee with heart latte art on top. While Bishop DeDe is resting and rejuvenating on her much deserved sabbatical, we will continue to make a habit of gathering together on Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m. EDT on Facebook for coffee, prayers, and conversation. However, instead of finding this together time on Bishop DeDe’s Facebook page, we’ll move over to the CNY Facebook Page. You’ll be able to access the half hour time of prayer and connection here.

“But how,” you may ask, “will we ever have Coffee and Prayers without Bishop DeDe?”

Be at peace! We can still meet without her. Rachel, our Director of Communications will host the time together each Tuesday, however we can all agree that Rachel’s presence isn’t nearly as compelling as that of the Bishop! (And I, Rachel, can write that and know that a total of zero of my feelings are hurt by that very factual statement!)

So, you are invited to join in as a guest co-host for one or more weeks! If you are interested in this simple way of connecting with other people in the diocese, please email me and let her know when you’d like to be involved. You and I will chat before the day that you’re co-hosting about logistics and to see if you have any specific prayers or connections you’d like to make sure we use in our time together.

I’ll keep this post updated with a list of our upcoming co-hosts so that you can know which days are still available. I hope to see each of you through this connection point, whether you’re able to co-host, tune in live, or watch on a replay. It is a joy and honor to pray and connect with one another!


  • Tuesday, April 4
    Co-hosts: Rachel + Marian Thompson
  • Tuesday, April 11
    Co-hosts: Rachel + Becca Forsyth
  • Tuesday, April 18
    Co-hosts: Rachel + Jill Morales
  • Tuesday, April 25
    Co-hosts: Rachel + Rev. Molly Payne-Hardin



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