Province II Slave Trade Lament and Repentance

On Ash Wednesday 2024, Province II of the Episcopal Church (which includes our diocese along with 12 others in New York, New Jersey, the Caribbean, and Europe) will hosted an online service of Lament and Repentance for the Slave Trade based on the service for the Way of the Cross. This service was livestreamed, but it is a powerful and impactful service to engage with at any time. It is intended to be a truth-telling step forward in the faithful work of individuals, parishes, dioceses, and across the wider church in the essential work of racial healing.

You can view this powerful service by visiting

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The stylized red cross of the Diocese of Central New YorkImage Description: Illustration of diverse hands reaching towards a bright light with text "call for contributions" and "local racial healing pilgrimage" on a textured beige background.