Help Needed: Foundation of the Diocese

The Foundation of the Diocese is looking for talented people to join our board, to carry out our mission of providing financial assistance to parishes for repair, restoration, and re-purpose of their infrastructure.

To accomplish this mission, we make grants and very low interest rate loans.  This requires customizing the loan terms to the unique needs of the parish and the Foundation.

We are seeking persons with a familiarity with all the aspects of negotiating detailed terms of a loan: balancing ability to repay, collateral, timing of funds received, repayment schedule, etc.  There is also a need for the talents of someone who can work out the legal details of the loan instrument, and at the same time have compassion and guidance for those parishes that have infrequent experience with large, expensive projects.

We have been blessed for a while with the help of a lawyer who is very experienced with mortgages, but the talents needed could easily be split between two persons.  We, like any foundation organization, do need a lawyer as part of our team and a “retired loan officer” or similar back-grounded person is fundamental to our mission.   We would openly welcome two new members to the board.

Along with those specific needs, we could use several people (clergy or lay persons) as directors on the board.  A director would help evaluate grant and loan requests.  Although no specific skills are required, anyone with some construction background, plumbing, electrical or other trades would be a huge benefit to the board. A person with no background in these areas would be welcome as well, as different viewpoints are valuable in our evaluations.

Note that our experience during the Covid era has taught us that almost all of our work can be done via e-mail and Zoom.   This means that anyone in any corner of the Diocese can be part of the team without extensive traveling.   To answer this call for talent or to ask for more information, please contact either Charles Moore (315-382-5092 or via email) or Henry Wakefield (315-420-6055 or via email).

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