First Stewardship Roundtable Discussion Takes Place in Binghamton

The first of three Stewardship Roundtables around the diocese convened at Christ Church in Binghamton on Tuesday, August 8th (check out upcoming Roundtables in Camillus and Oneida). The Rev. Elizabeth Ewing, rector of Christ Church, shares a bit about the evening: 

About 30 people from congregations in the Southern Tier and a bit beyond gathered at Christ Church, Binghamton August 8th for a lively discussion of stewardship—yes, lively! Canon Carrie Schofield-Broadbent broke the ice by having us list many things we hate spending money on and items and activities we enjoy spending money on. Where does one’s church pledge fall?

God’s work is exciting, life-giving and best lived out in community. Making financial as well as volunteer support a joy to provide deepens our stewardship.

Canon Carrie and others discussed the theology of giving and got down to nuts and bolts hearing examples of what worked and what did not and what might be fun to try. The group gained inspiration of a rector who gives a pledge card to all with whom he meets, using signs to express what one loves about one’s church, talks about why one gives money and time to church and innovative ways to turn giving from an unwanted chore to an act of love.

Small groups on pledging, fund-raising, and environmental stewardship brain-stormed with people from different congregations, and discussed dinners, golf tournaments, getting rid of styrofoam cups and many other specific ideas to get us moving into fall pledge campaigns and beyond.

What energy in the room from bringing together people from many congregations and Diocesan leadership! We are not alone; others wrestle with similar issues, and have great ideas. Certainly a concrete way to learn what your diocese can do for you—and what we can do together as a diocese. Thank you, Canon Carrie.

I encourage each Parish to send a team to one of the Stewardship Roundtable gatherings.

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