“God is with us as we are:” Bishop Duncan-Probe’s Christmas message

Watch Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe’s Christmas message:


“Fear not, for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy.” What an auspicious greeting, especially in 2020. To “fear not.” It seems there’s so much to be fearful of: COVID, job loss, economic downturn, social discord, neighbor fighting with neighbor about elections.

This is a hard, hard time. And it can feel a bit cold, as if Christmas will have no warmth in it this year. But that isn’t true, dear friends. Because the birth of Jesus Christ is not dependent on circumstance and dare I say it, even on choirs singing together or Eucharist.

God is with us as we are. And perhaps no year will tell us that story more profoundly than this year. As we celebrate Christmas differently than we would like. As we celebrate this season in ways that may call us to dig a little bit deeper. To not so easily dismiss what it is to know Emmanuel with us.

You and I are God’s people, and God loves you. God is with you. You are not alone this Christmas. You are surrounded by angels and principalities and powers as our prayer book would tell us. And you are loved by your Diocese and by your Bishop.

May you know in this Christmas season the love of God that is surrounding you. May you feel emboldened by the message of God who has come to us as a baby: for relationship, restoration, and ultimately, resurrection. And may you offer to this world what you hope to find: peace, hope, generosity and kindness.

Know, friends, that you are loved. May you be blessed and be a blessing.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. DeDe Duncan-Probe
Bishop of Central New York

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  • Peggy West

    Dear Bishop DeDe and Staff,

    We send best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year has certainly challenged us all but you know what…we learned how important the “little” things are in our lives. We learned the importance of family, friends and neighbors. We learned the importance of Love, Hope, Peace and Faith. This year is testing us to the very end. Our Faith will make us strong.

    Thank you for all the many things that you do for us. Everything is greatly appreciated.

    Again, have a wonderful Christmas. Stay safe, healthy and happy…

    Much Love,
    Peggy (Trinity in Watertown)

  • Ruth Schulz

    Thank you for this very positive and much appreciated message for Christmas and the New Year !🙏🙏♥️♥️

  • The Rev. Liz Groskoph

    Dear Bishop DeDe,

    Thank you for being the Bishop of Central New York!
    Thank you for your reminder that we are all loved.
    While we celebrate God’s gift of a son,
    may we truly share our own blessings
    with our neighbors.

    “…to be blessed and to be a blessing….”

  • kate didonato

    thank you so much for this message of hope and healing and the reminder that yes we are all so loved.

    peace health and happiness to you and yours

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