A collage of images from the consecration of Bishop Carrie. The overwhelming color is a jubilant red - the red of Pentecost! In the top left corner, an image shows Bishops DeDe and Carrie looking at Bishop DeDe's phone screen as she takes a "selves-ie". They're in full bishop regalia - mitres and all! - and standing in the bright sun on the steps outside of Washington National Cathedral. To the right of this image is the resultant selvesie! The image across the bottom of the collage shows Bishop Carrie standing with her crosier in front of the high altar at the cathedral. Behind her, you can see several bishops (including Bishop DeDe) and members of the altar party smiling and unfeigned joy and applauding the newly-consecrated bishop.On Saturday, September 16, more than 1,000 people gathered on-site and online for the Consecration of Bishop Carrie Schofield-Broadbent, now Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and to be the XV Bishop of Maryland. You can join the resplendent worship service at the Washington National Cathedral at this link. You’ll see familiar CNY faces (in addition to Bishop Carrie’s!) including Bryan Straub who sang a solo as part of the prelude, Rev. Paul Frolick, recently of St. Matthew’s in Liverpool (who has now accepted a new call in the Diocese of Michigan), and, of course, our own Bishop DeDe who served as a co-consecrator. Remember, onsite or online, live or on replay, it’s all in-person, it’s all connection, and it’s all holy.

Bishop Carrie has been raised up out of the Diocese of Central New York from the time she was very young. We thank God for her, her ministry, and for allowing our Diocese to be the garden out of which she grew. For Bishop Carrie, the Dioceses of Maryland and Central New York, the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, and all of God’s church throughout time and space, we give thanks and praise to God!

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